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All The Websites Directory offers free website promotion for webmasters and website owners. Easy, relevant search results and many categories for adding and promoting websites. Submit your URL for a review and inclusion. Free web promotion for websites at allthewebsites directory. Submit your url for review. A collection of hand-picked web resources for visitors.

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" All the websites directory " is a human edited web directory with various categories. Our mission is to organize theme based websites and remove the clutter from the information. We strive to provide context based website results to our visitors. This directory is an evolving one and we regularly add new categories, if there is a necessity. Members can suggest new categories and websites for inclusion. This is one stop promotion site for webmasters and website owners. We invite you to browse the categories and suggest your website url for an editor review. offers
» free website promotion for webmasters and website owners
» Easy and relevant search results to the Visitors.
» Web promotion tools for webmasters and site owners
» Best Webdesigns at affordable price.

Strong reasons to list your website in web directories...

Web directories list the websites by theme (topic). The links in a web directory are collected, edited and organized by humans. Yahoo and Dmoz ODP(Open Directory Project) are considered as the best human-edited web directories on the Internet and they are one of the most trusted and relied traffic sources. But, getting into DMOZ is not easy. Editors at DMOZ have very strict guidelines and if your website does not adhere, your website will not be listed.

Since these directories get thousands of submissions every day, it is sometimes difficult to get listed on them and your URL may take a long time ( atleast 4 - 6 months) to be reviewed and listed. Some of the top directories offer paid review. Yahoo offers a paid listing support. Generally good directory listings give a surprise boost to your link popularity. View a list of popular web directories.

Is redirect link from web directories ( for example, go.cgi? ) is counted in link popularity?

No. Only direct links ( <a href="" >MyWebsite</a>) are taken into account for link popularity. offers you direct link ( for free. Submit your URL now.

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