Webhosting Tutorial

Your success of online business depends on many factors like Design, Content and Delivery. You can control the first and second factors, but the third factor "DELIVERY" depends on your webhost.
Your Webhosting provider can make or mar your e-business. A good web host takes responsibility for thier hardware, software operating system and communication sytem, so that thier customers (webmasters, resellers) can concentrate on thier business.

Many hosting companies specialize in particular products and services. There are specialist PHP hosts, dotNet webhosts, Windows hosts, Linux/Unix Hosts, reseller hosts, Java hosts, budget webhosting providers and many others. Determine what you need and make sure the hosting company of your choice specializes in what you need. This is critical for the long-term success of your business.

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Webhosting is a long term relationship. To sustain this relationship, the webhost should be able to satisfy your needs and solve your problems as early as possible. A committed host will give full support to its customer base 24/7 round-the-clock.

Choosing a suitable web host for your requirements is sometimes becomes very easy and some times it becomes very tough. It would be lot more difficult, when your current web host does not match up to your requirements. This article will help you find the best web hosting deal.

What are your requirements?

Before you start hunting for a web host, you need to have a checklist of features you require. This critical information and forethought would help you develop and promote your website faster. Many hosting companies specialize in particular products and services. As previously said, there are PHP hosts, dotNet hosts, Windows hosts, NT hosts, Linux/Unix Hosts, reseller hosts, Java hosts, ecommerce hosts and many others. You have to choose the host who suits your need. A glance of webhosting comparison may give you a very good idea about your requirements.

  1. What web server do you need? Apache or IIS ...
  2. Specifically need Linux or Windows or SunOS or FreeBSD ?
  3. Do you need a free domain? e.g.: www.mycompanyname.com
  4. Do you want to host all TLDs (top level domains), ccTLDs (country codes) ? .co.uk , .my , .to , .us , .co.in , .cc , etc.
  5. On what platform do you run your websites? ASP or PHP or Perl or JSP or ColdFusion or just plain HTML ...
  6. How much space do you need? 5 MB or 10 MB or 100 MB or 300 MB or more ...
  7. What SQL back-end do you need? MySQL or Postgres or mSQL or MSSQL or MS Access ...
  8. Do you need to provide streaming audio/video content? MP3 or Real Audio or Video ...
  9. Need subdomains? like http://order.yourcompany.com
  10. Do you require Unlimited Email, Unlimited Autoresponders, mailinglist solutions?
  11. Do you need technical support? Email or Phone or Online.


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