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Reviewed by Ceballos on 15 Jan 2007 Ratings: 2.00
Upset Brogame Customer.
Purchased pling service($350.00). Got caught @ lvl 53. Got my account unbanned. then caught @ lvl 30. Live chat's a joke (rude sometimes n treat you like an idiot). Wont let me xchange service into gold. They want me to supply them a new acc. to pl.

Reviewed by patrick silva on 05 Jun 2007 Ratings: 2.00
brogame gold
purchased 300 gold from them after almost 2 weeks still nothing. contacted them and they said it was sent 5/31 (9 days after order) I never received the gold. DONT USE THESE crooks.

Reviewed by Ken Huhwhat on 29 Nov 2007 Ratings: 2.00
Bad seller BEWARE
I purchased PL from them and the account was not touched for 6 days. I finally had enough and requested a cancellation of the order and a refund since no services were given. I have sent 100+ emails... No response. I am now disputing the CC charge :(

Reviewed by micheal brad on 24 Mar 2008 Ratings: 10.00
1-70 perfect package finished
I have tried many gold website to power leveling char.Today,Brogame have finished my 1-70 perfect package succussfully.so happy with Brogame.^_^

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