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Reviewed by Robin Radford on 24 Dec 2010 Ratings: 2.00
In a word terrible. Their web pages contain terms and conditions that are hidden unless you accidentally mouse over a certain spot on the page. Other pages offer an Early Saver Offer that claims a 20% saving when in reality it can be as little as only $15, plus when you see the term Early Saver Offer on the web site, it is the only option, yet that is never mentioned. This offer has a no deposit refund attached, while waiting until that clause is expires, 2 weeks in my case, is only $15 more and permits a full deposit. When asked about the situation they refused to accept responsibility and referred me to Carnival who told me that it is the agent (CruiseDirect.com) who is responsible for dealing with booking issues, by contract Carnival could not. CruiseDirect.com continued to say that Carnival had my deposit and were refusing to return it, even when they were given a copy of Carnivals response.

Reviewed by kim on 29 Jun 2012 Ratings: 1.00
this site is horrible in their ability to book cruises. They booked my family of 7 in two separate rooms that are NOT connecting (as promised) and that are not even on the same deck. it is a 20 minute walk between rooms.

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