How to Track Visitors on your Website.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web site usage. [Wikipedia]

Why Web Analytics is important to your website?
Tracking your visitors online will benefit you to track the audience response to your marketing campaign, improve your website usability, identifying webpage defects such as file not found (404) errors, access denied errors and so on.

Hit counters will not be enough to understand your customers. Just visitor count will not lead you anywhere. You need to analyze the data which your server log stores. For most of the busy webmasters, extracting report out of the log files is a huge task.

website visitor statistics graph
Web Analytics - Graph showing the pageviews and visitor count for a week

What is required in the current fast paced internet environment is the best software to collect information about every facet which your visitors provide to you.

IP addresses gives you which country the visitors belong, referrer data shows which search engine brought them to your website, where they found your link etc. Not just this... there are huge number of additional data will be collected by the web analytics software. You can use the data to better improve your website and business.

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Great Features of ClickTale Web Analytics

  • Observe Visitors & Trends and track your advertising campaigns.
  • Improve Return of Investments (ROI)
  • Near Realtime Customer Experience Analysis
  • Website and Traffic Monitoring
  • Boost Converstion Rates of your Campaigns.
  • View Statistics on your mobile, PDAs
  • Monitor the success of your Web site in real-time.




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