Widely Used Symbols in Logo design

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Web Services | Published on Jul 21, 2010
Professional Logo design has evolved with time. In the present days, the concept of having a logo for any company has immensely been popularized and emphasized.

In a nutshell, nowadays logos have gained immense importance as a visual brand ambassador for the company or product it represents.

Let's take a look at the most popular logo design trends:

Talk Boxes are around for some time now. With the evolution of user powered web and the rising importance of communication, more of these logos are finding their place as visual brand ambassadors. As most of us know that the talk boxes ideally reflect communication, either amongst the users of the company or between the company itself and its customers. As communication is gaining importance, so do the talk boxes.

Reflection is the hottest logo design trend of the recent times. Apple has started this trend, when their logos started to look as they were set on a shiny table. Most of us know that "Reflections" often created with the help of drop shadow effects using Photoshop, ever since emerged as one of the hottest logo design trends. A Rounded 3D Logos are yet another hot trend of the recent times.

Nowadays even the desktop icons tend to have the rounded 3D feel. As the industry has overcome the production issues of gradients, logo designers mostly prefers 3D graphics to the flat drawings of yesterdays.

Clouds can make very powerful logo. Clouds are closely associated with human dreams as it tends to conjure imagery of dreams, creativity and playfulness. Also sometimes it has been combined with bubbles, 3D or plain, they tend to give effects of a new idea. Many of "clouds" came from new businesses; certainly it's a place for dreamers. Some has also included imagery of the sun, as it evokes a feeling of a new dawn.

Transmission Beams are once again it's the growing importance of communication that has really helped logos with imagery of still or animated transmission beams to become widely popular. The emerging trends in technology enables us to go wireless whenever possible, the use of the syndication feeds and aggregators and similar things have, in such a way, definitely made these transmission beam logos symbolical to the advanced level of communication that we have nowadays.

There are few more trends have been around lately like the use of transparency, outlines, punctuations and different forms of rectangular boxes. But whatsoever the style is, it reveals that with the emergence of new ideas and technology and the growing importance of the visual branding, logo design too have undergone great changes in its trends.


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