Why to Avoid Poorly Designed Websites?

Submitted by Albert A Moore | Category: Web Design | Published on Jan 05, 2011
The article discusses some common but important issues concerning successful web design in different format.

The website design of any company should be in complete accordance with the products or services they are offering. Poor website design is the first and foremost thing to be avoided as it throws back the customers and create negative attitude in their minds. First few seconds spend on any website are deciding factor whether the visitor would stay there for longer or not. Thus a site that is designed badly would only contribute towards discouraging the visitors. They need to be impressed and attracted in first few seconds itself. So website design should be attractive, creative and have strong visual hold over the target audience.

A company image is largely influenced by its website design, people who are not near to your company geographically form their buying decision on the basis of the website. Put in the best images so that target customers likes it and keeps coming back on your portal. If the total stay on time on the website is more, those visitors stands higher chance of converting into buyers.

1. As we all know easy navigation of a website is necessary to make it easy for the user to navigate between the web pages. The information they are looking for should be available easily. The title and heading should be put on in a clear and professional manner than can be understood easily by the masses. You can also put up a site map for this purpose. ‘Page not found’ errors should not occur when people surf through the web pages.

2. A website without any text or content in unimaginable, therefore they have to selected and written with precaution and professionally. Limit the number of text fonts you use on the website. It should be readable and clear. Black color is the most widely used text color against light colored background of the web pages.

3. Proper design placement and layout should be done on the web pages. Avoid cluttered and unorganized look of the content and images on the website. The images and text display is best when they are displayed in consistent manner. A common theme should be there that unites the web pages together. In a single website if the web pages contain different design themes than it would confuse the visitors.

4. Limit the use of technology and add it just like salt is to food. Too much of it would push back the customers and distract from the main information or message you want to pass to the customers.


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