Why Amateur Newsletters Fail?

Submitted by Brent M Durell | Category: Business | Published on Jan 31, 2011
This article aims to provide some of the common mistakes in newsletter design that you should avoid for effective newsletter printing.

I will tell you the truth. Not all amateur newsletters really take off on their initial runs. Most kinds of amateur newsletter printing actually fail. It requires a really determined and skilled person to actually learn from that and improve their newsletter printing. You are in luck however for you do not have to actually commit those mistakes to learn.

I have listed down some of the most common reasons why amateur color newsletters fail. From these mistakes of others, you should be able to learn a lot and improve your newsletter printing before you actually mass produce them. So read carefully and understand.

1. Bad printing quality – One of the most common reasons why most amateur newsletters fail is because of the quality of the newsletter printing itself. Most amateurs think that it is best to lessen the risk when printing newsletters and just go for the cheap options first. While this might sound like good economical thinking, it also increases the chances of the newsletters failing.

People don’t really respect a newsletter too much when it is printed in flimsy and cheap paper. Moreover, if you used only black ink, this will further reinforce the cheapness and amateur look of your newsletters. So do yourself a favor and spend decently on your newsletter materials. Go for durable paper and of course print in full color. This is the best way to avoid turning off readers with your custom newsletters.

2. Bad image quality – Another probable cause of failure for most amateur newsletters is bad image quality. If your images in your newsletters look like cheap clip-arts or you have fuzzy and grainy images as the main cover image, you won’t really get that “Rave” review you want.

It is important to always do a quality check of your images so that they pass print standards. Always use high resolution images when possible and of course, practice some good taste in creating graphics. Use those professional newspapers as a guide for your custom newsletter graphics and images.

3. Bad newsletter title, Logo & Ad tagline – It is also a fact that failure for most newsletters come from the fact that they have a bad newsletter title. Logo looks like crap and a cliché tag line. People do in fact judge newsletters by their name, and something really corny, or too commercialized won’t do, especially if you are printing newsletters for the first time. So make sure you are careful in composing your title, logo and tagline. Get feedback first from others before committing to a specific title for your color newsletters.

4. Bad Fonts – Fonts can be a big factor in the failure of most amateur newsletters. Using very wild and hard to understand fonts might sound very original and innovative, but sometimes too much can be a bad thing for newsletters. It is best to use simple sans serif fonts for the headline and then serif fonts on the body. Make the font styles as simple as possible so that everyone can understand your newsletter content. Otherwise, if you use too wild fonts, people won’t have any patience in reading your prints.

5. No feedback gathering and testing – Finally, one big bad habit that leads to failure for custom newsletters is doing no feedback gathering and testing. It is good to have some people review the final draft of your custom newsletters before it goes into mass production. This helps you catch other errors in the content and design. Without this, newsletters can be doomed to failure as it can be plagued with gross spelling and design errors that will mark that newsletter for the duration of its life. So always do some research and testing before committing to full scale newsletter printing.

Great! With these pointers, you should know now the mistakes that you should avoid for your own newsletter printing. By learning from these errors, your new color newsletters should not appear as amateurish as it should be. Good Luck!


Brent Durell writes articles about advertising and marketing strategies such as newsletter printing that helps spread the world about a business.


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