What Will Keep Your Website Visitors Coming Back?

Submitted by Jack Mack | Category: Web Services | Published on Jul 26, 2011
Do you want loyal website visitors? This article will offer you some of the most effective ways to keep your users coming back again and again.

Give them a reason to bookmark you…

No matter what type of online business you are, you always want people to come back and visit your site again and again. Whether you are an ecommerce shop, an informational site, a blog, an intranet, a corporate hub or any other kind of site, if someone came to your site once and never came back it would certainly be seen as some kind of failing.

If you are in this situation then you must be keen to find out what you can do to make sure people who do come to your site come back again and again. Here are some suggestions:

Special Offers

If you are a low value high volume ecommerce store, one of the best tactics you can use it provide special offers regularly. This might be something as simple as a 10% discount on selected items or it might be an elaborate loyalty scheme discount system that rewards shoppers for repeat buying. Whatever system you use, providing financial incentive to return can lure people back again and again in the hope that they will make similar savings again. This can also lead to recommendations and yet more repeat purchases too.

New Content

For an informational website one of the crucial things you need to provide in order to get people to come back again and again is new, fresh and unique content. If for example, you are a site which offers information on celebrity weddings and other similar events, if you provide the latest and most up-to-date information you will become known as the place to go for this kind of information. There is no point being an information hub if you don’t have the newest info.


Finally, one of the most effective tools currently being utilised for encouraging repeat visitors is video. It is now very easy to stick a video on your site so all you really need to worry about is what to put in the video. It is easier for the user to watch a video than read a page of text so if they can get the information they want in video form from you, then they will come back again and again.

Involvement Devices

A technique employed by some websites, especially when selling higher priced items or merchant account services for example, is to offer an involvement device. This is a small section of the website which asks the user to put in some information or play a game or complete a survey. This makes the user more physically invested in the experience of the site and if crafted correctly, you involvement device should demonstrate to your user how they will benefit from using your site again or its services, like card processing.


Sam Qam is a content strategist. He recently worked on merchant account services website and managed to develop it into a popular destination for economists and people interested in card processing.


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