What are the Most Important Elements of Your Homepage?

Submitted by Jack Mack | Category: Web Design | Published on Jan 20, 2011
Ever wanted to know what you should have on your homepage to practically guarantee its success? Look no further.

With so many millions of websites out there, there is a high probability that you are in direct competition for visitors, who are looking for your particular product, with dozens of other websites just like yours. While having a great product, spending a ton of time working on your SEO and crafting a powerful offline marketing strategy may well bring you lots of traffic, there is one key element to your entire business which you need to get absolutely perfect in order to make the most of your efforts...your homepage.

Think of it like the front page of your newspaper, the first impression you will be able to make on your potential customer and your first, and most likely only, opportunity to capture someone’s valuable interest. So what are the most important elements of a homepage? (Or more accurately the ‘first screen’ which is the first bit of the homepage you see before you have to scroll down.)


There is no point spending any money on an extravagant design without a strong headline to grab your visitor’s attention. The first thing web users do when their eyes hit a page is focus on the most obvious text in the middle near the top of the page, exactly where your headline should be. You need to convey, what your site is about, why they should stay and encourage them to read and explore further. Sounds hard but is possible.


Almost as important as your headline, the next thing users do is read the text directly under the headline. You should fill this space with strong advertorial copy to motivate your visitors and convince them that you are special and offer something all the other websites like yours don’t.


It is absolutely crucial that it is extremely easy for your visitors to find what they want on your site. You don’t want your visitor to be filled with motivation after reading your headline and copy only to be forced to leave as they can’t find how to search your products or read more about your company. Microseconds decide how long your visitor’s attention will hold, so make sure you have a very obvious navigation bar with all the sections someone could want to see right up there and extra links and picture links as high up the page as possible.

Try to think like a visitor and test your site to make sure you have predicted every possible thought that might enter a visitors head. You may be tempted to look into a website design quote but you will definitely want to put some consideration into these areas before making any big decisions about changing your site. There are various blogs and sites dedicated to web design news which can give you some additional insight.

Get these elements right and you will be heading in the right direction.



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