Real Purpose of Website Promotion

Submitted by Max Lee | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Nov 30, 2007
Purpose of website promotion is to have quality traffics to your website with organic targeted visitors. Website promotion is very important part of your website and it needs to be planned ahead.

Many people donít think about website promotion, when they build their website business plans, and they realize that it is the most important part of website business at the end.

The purpose of website promotion is acknowledged to get people to click your website URL and visit to your website. However, to increase traffics to your website is not the real purpose of website promotion. Website Promotion is not just all about telling people about your website and getting visitors to your website. Higher traffic to your website with organic targeted visitors is the real meaning of the website promotion.

There are few different ways getting targeted visitors.
To submit your website to all different directories, search engines and other websites is first thing you should do. It sounds easy but it is the most important step in website promotion.

Another effective method to promote your website is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO website promotion is the best way of getting quality traffics with organic targeted visitors however, it takes more than submitting your website to directories and search engines. Your web site has to have rights keywords, keyword frequency, keyword density, meta tags, etc for top rankings. Also, your website must have thousands of inbound links from quality websites in order to be shown in first 3 pages on Google or Yahoo.

Another excellent form of website promotion is pay per click (PPC). PPC marketing has been a popular method because of immediate result. Unlike to SEO marketing, you can get right traffics to your website in short period of time. Downside of PPC marketing is that it could be very expensive if you are bidding on a popular keyword and phase.

Website promotion is very important part of your website and it needs to be planned ahead. Thereís no such an easy and quick way to be on the top in website promotion. Website promotion is a continuous process to bring quality organic visitors to your website. It never ends.

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