How to get Backlinks to Your website!

Submitted by TL Shafer | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Feb 20, 2007
Finding the right method of gaining backlinks and quickly!

So you're wondering how you can generate backlinks to your website. It's actually, quite simple, if you apply a few simple techniques. If you are starting out on a budget, that's fine, cause once you have the information, there is no need to purchase anything else. Are you surprised? Well, there are a couple of programs that offer reciprocal links for their clients. There is no contacting them or payment involved. Once you are set up, you can be generating backlinks on a daily basis.

There are a few things to look for with this technique such as the quality of the site you will be trading with, what its Page Rank (PR) is and is it something that will give you a high enough quality exchange? After taking these things into consideration, and you've decided to exchange links, it can take up to a month to be spidered by Google. This, of course depends on if there are any errors on your website or your exchange partner's website.

So as you see, careful screening is important for quality backlinks. I've tried many of the link exchange programs and found that the best, most productive and most cost effective is You never have contact with the other webmaster.

They request, or you request a link exchange via LinkMarket's amazing scripted website. LinkMarket monitors the links and notifies you upon removal of a link. It's a free service and the links pour in like water.

However, there are a few things to be concerned over, regarding the link requests to as well as from you. Make certain that the requester of the exchange has a links page that is CONECTED or LINKED to his/her index or main page.

What is the point of a link exchange with a dead page? You give them a quality backlink and they give you a useless backlink. If you are unaware, backlinks are important for popularity in the search engines.

The only way a backlink can be found by search engine robots is via hyperlinks. It's much like a chain into a rainbarrel for the rainwater to flow down. Water cannot flow down a chain that is separated or broken, it will drop at the point it is broken.

However, when a chain is fully connected, the water flows down beautifully into the rainbarrel, catching the overflow and storing it for later days. So, as the robot spiders the main page, it detects hyperlinks or links as you may know them, to other pages, websites etc.

The spider will not stop drilling down a website, until it has come to an end. Hopefully that will be at the point where your link is. It then will index, or list that page, within the rankings of the search engine.

If you need more information or a program that will give you more input and secrets on backlinks, visit. The techniques of the author are free and simple to apply. I would recommend this information for any new webmaster as well as seasoned webmasters. Be sure to stop by and submit your link FREE quick backlink.


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