Choosing the Right Color for Your Web Site

Submitted by Maraya | Category: Web Services | Published on Nov 29, 2007
When people build a web site, picking the color is one of the least of their concerns. This article explains the importance of picking the right color and the meaning of some colors.
When people build a web site for their business (or hire a web design company to make it for them), not much thought is put into deciding what color their web site will be as most would rather focus on more “important” tasks like creating content, web site optimization and promotion. Most simply choose the most web-friendly colors, others use their company’s logo as base while some decide to just use their favorite color. What many do not know is that what we think as “superficial” aspects of a web site actually play an important role in helping our business put across the image we want to project and create the impression we want. Specific colors invoke certain emotions, memories and cultural references and therefore help visitors form opinions about your site and business. Here are some examples to guide you on choosing the proper color for your site: § White White represents simplicity, purity and cleanliness. This color works best for web sites that sell medicine or feature topics related to health and hygiene. § Bright red and orange If your web site is selling or is about food, then these colors are your best bets. Ever noticed why many fast food restaurants are painted red? It’s because aside from exuding a warm, fun and cheerful vibe, studies have also found that red and orange stimulates the appetite and encourages people to eat. The colors appeal particularly to children and women. § Bright, solid colors vs. grays and pastels Bright, solid colors are appealing to kids, so if your web site is targeting kids (e.g. you’re selling toys, featuring educational items, etc.), then better stay away from gloomy gray or pale pastels (which adults like). § Purple This color invokes wealth, extravagance, opulence and, light purple in particular, femininity; purple is therefore very suitable for the web sites of boutiques and jewelry stores. § Silver Silver looks industrial, metallic and high-tech. It invokes images of sleekness and modernity so it works best with web sites that features technology or offer phones, computers and other high-tech products. § Black Black is dramatic and lends a web site a sense of sophistication. It makes other colors look more vivid and noticeable so it works well with sites that feature a lot of photography and paintings. § Mauve, azure, etc. According to a study, the more educated classes, in contrast to the working class who prefers colors like red and blue, prefer uncommon colors. So if you have a business that specifically caters to the upper class, your web site would be served well if you use colors like azure, cerise and cerulean. A word for the wise: choose your colors well. Visit this site for more information on how to build a web site and web site design. The author is affiliated with US Website Builder , a company that helps businesses build a web site.


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