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Submitted by Nicholas Cole | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Article Submission Software - Instant Traffic is Real!
Article Submission Software that actually works? I was a little skeptical, and i have purchased plenty of aditional software and read that articles are definately the way to go to build traffic to my website. I had been writing articles, but really felt that this idea was a horrible one and the reality was that my articles would never get placed. OH BOY WAS I SOOOOOO WRONG!!! I had looked into different ideas, toyed around with a few article submission packages. I spent a bit of money on a package (that i will not name), but it was the most expensive package out there. I like the idea of unmanned instant article submission, but this package ended up mixing my information up in the search engines. For the most part it was ok, but on a few important sites i was disappointed that my ratings ended up not at my expectation. So, i needed a manual submission process that wasn't so manual, and an automated submission process that wasn't so automated to where i could preview my submissions before they where submitted. I didn't want to actually have to type the information at every site, but i did want to be able to glance over the info to make sure that the information was correct. So after looking around at the software i found Article Submision Pro. This software gave me the best of both worlds automatic and manual submission. ARTICLE SUBMISSION WORKS!! - Yes it does!!! There isn't a choice whether you should or shouldn't submit articles. The choice you have to make is are you going to: 1.) Spend all your time searching and creating a way to submit your articles in a systematic fashion. 2.) Pay a directory and submission service company up to $50 per site to manually submit your articles. 3.) Make a purchase of a piece of software that can submit the articles for you, the software i use is called Article Submission PRO, and i even used it to distribute this article that you are reading now. Free Traffic is the way to go. If you are interested in Article Submission Pro - The website is


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