Are Cheap Web Hosting Plan Enough?

Submitted by Mike Dayvandi | Category: Web Hosting | Published on Nov 29, 2007
It seems consumers want more than just a simple cheap or free domain name in their web hosting plans. The world wide web is expanding, the market is growing and having just an affordable domain name is not acceptable anymore.
Web Hosting establishments are constantly spreading their company name throughout the net building up their status hoping to increase reputation. Having said that, consumers look to find a web hosting plan to fit their budget and not only cheap domain names. To elaborate, in order to satisfy customer's needs web hosting companies compete in full confidence to provide as much benefits as they can in their hosting plans. Faraz Dayvandi, President of CRM stated that in order to give the web hosting world what they want, you have to load as much benefits as you can in hosting plans. Simply a cheap domain name registration is not enough anymore. Such benefits that come in almost every web hosting plans are: 100MB Banner-Free Hosting 1GB Monthly Traffic, 10 Email Accounts, Web/POP Email Access, FTP Access, Website Creator and many more. Is this really enough to satisfy customer's wants? It certainly takes much more benefits than the ones mentioned above, however in order to decide on a web hosting plan, you need more than benefits. Trust and hacker safe programs are a crucial factor to look in to. Web Hosting companies want their customers to fully trust them and understand that the web hosting corporation they chose is reliable. Having said that, CRM has provided such a site where consumers can compare top rated web hosting plans and not have to go struggle searching for it on the net. CEO of CRM Tal Lifschitz quoted, "We believe consumers should have the option to check every web hosting plan on one single web page then decide to make a purchase. This eliminates the stress factor of endlessly looking for it on the internet." Hopefully, web hosting consumers realize the potential of not having to stress out over endless options not given to them.


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