Web Hosting Support Where Has It Gone ?

Submitted by Lee Cupp | Category: Web Hosting | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Why hosting companies plaster 24/7/365 support all over theyre web site when they do not even offer it.
A few months back I was looking for some web hosting for a couple small sites I have. Now I don't need a lot of support and consider myself vert intelligent when it comes to web servers and web hosting. So I look around and I came upon a few decent looking web host providers. All of these providers claimed "24/7/365 support". Now I am no rocket scientist butI do know what 24 hour support means. It so happend that this took place on the weekend and I was sending test emails to these support teams. I only received one test reply back from a small company. Now the point I am trying to make here is this. Are most of these web hosting providers just using "24/7/365 support" for a marketing ploy ? Is there an advantage to having "24/7/365 support" plastered all over your website and then not even receiving an email back from them at all? I wander sometimes why there is companies and people who do these deceptive practices KNOWING that it is deceptive. I can tell you why, but that will be for another date


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