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Submitted by Keral. C. Patel. | Category: Programming | Published on Jul 01, 2006
Well the summary is that never give up. Keep trying and you will surely become a 5 star web developer.

Web developing is becoming a booming industry nowadays. More and more people are attracted to PHP and ASP scripts to simplify or modify their existing websites as well as new development projects.

Webmasters now prefer dynamic websites, which can take their own decisions and work out according to the situations which arises. There was a time when we used to play around with static HTML pages, but now those days are gone.

Even a newbie who steps on the internet to become a webmaster or a web developer knows the importance of Server side languages. The main reason of writing this article was to bring in new tips and help the newbies to learn the languages which are burning the charts right now.

The most valuable resource tht can be found on the internet is the google itself. And when you want to look for tutorials and tips or are having problems in remembering some particular function then is the place to look at. You can also find many resources like free scripts, tools and tips on scripts repositories like, and other Web Scripts database which has listings of php scripts, asp scripts, cgi scripts and javascripts too.

To get started download some ebook on your favorite scripting language and install a localserver on your PC to save your time. It surely pays off.


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