Ways to Get Out of Downtime Issues

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Web Hosting | Published on Feb 18, 2011
The article discusses about the problem of downtime being faced by every website at some point or another. You would come across certain important suggestions regarding it.

Every website suffers from ‘downtime’ no matter how good the web hosting services they use. Even if utmost care and precautionary measures are taken to avoid such situation, it is bound to happen sometimes. The web hosting companies that offer 99.99% uptime, suffers from the situation many times. Other reasons for downtime can be illegal hacking trials, technical issues and poorly configured software.

A good web hosting service provider would take all necessary steps to minimize the incidences of downtime to the websites. Some basic ways to keep your website running are-

-    Protecting a website with passwords which keeps a check on the hacker invasions.
-    Plug the security holes by regular updating of software.

Sometimes even if all steps are taken, a website is down. Here arises the need of letting your web hosting company know about this problem. For this purpose you can file a support ticket to inform them about the issue. Address the trouble ticket also, because support ticket gives problem description. Describe every problem and information in detail so that the technical team would not face much difficulty in solving your site’s problem.

If the service provider has any additional doubt, they would refer to support ticket and ask you again. The web hosting companies possess separate ticketing system that have records of all comments, and records can be retrieved when required.

When you filed the support ticket, wait for sometime for the support team of the web hosting company to solve the problem. When they want to take help of any other tool to test your website, you would be informed about it. If you want the best of services than don’t nag on the web hosting company for constant updates. Believe them what they say about your work status. In shared hosting accounts, hundreds of support tickets can be found that is being worked upon by the web hosting company staff.

If you want to get your hosting problem get solved completely, then provide detailed information about it, answer the questions being asked and also test things that have importance. Patience is very much important when you work with hosting support representatives. This would make them solve the problem much faster and make your website function faster.

So when you face downtime problems, contact your web hosting company and follow the points been discussed above so that you get faster and better results. This issue can be faced by any website having either shared or dedicated web hosting servers.

To monitor downtime, you can use the following services. Some of them offer free website monitoring also.

  1. HyperSpin
  2. Pingdom
  3. Monitis


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