Varied Methods to Accomplish Link Building

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Sep 25, 2010
The article is about different types of link building and its importance for a website.

Link building has the caliber to effectively promote your online business and increase profits by double-fold. They play important role in determination of page rank and trust in your website. In link building process, not all links are build with similar purpose, they have different goals to be achieved. Its categorization can be made on the basis of purpose it serves for your business. Links are of different types that accomplish certain needs of a site in general.

Link types are formed on the basis of the functions they perform.

-       Some links perform the function of boosting visitors’ traffic. They are concentrated on bringing in more amount of web traffic. They don’t play any role in improving the page rank of a site. Their main aim is to expose the site to as many people as they can and lure them to come to your website. Such traffic boosting can be done through methods like blog commenting, banner advertisements, directory submission and so on. Google AdPlanner and Compete are two tools that can be used for knowing how much traffic your website gets. In Google AdPlanner traffic statistics about a website is given which includes information such as page views, time spend on your site, total number of visitors, demographic details, etc. Whereas in Compete you can carry out comparison between maximum five websites. It gives an idea about the topmost keywords that can be used.

-       Another type of links is those which boost up the page ranking of a website. Usually page ranks are determined from the total number of relevant links possessed by a site. Here apart from concentrating on quantity, quality should be preferred more. This means that instead of concentrating on number of websites that have back links, see to it that those sites are of relevance. Or else the links would be rejected by the Google’s algorithm. You can find many online tools which can give you information about the page ranks of your website.

-       Links can also be used for boosting up online reputation of your company. You can create wonders through link building in building up reputation. Here the links consists of company name in the anchor text. Here the links appear in various other places like blogs, social profile, etc.

-       Link building is also used for increasing search engine positioning with the aid of topmost keywords. Here use of relevant keywords and proper anchor text should be used.

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