Utilize Google and its Tools to Understand your Potential Market

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Jan 17, 2011
Marketing or Selling can be a little cumbersome process because customers generally do not make intellectual purchasing decisions because as consumers we typically buy based on our emotion.

We might like this product compare to other one for some of the reason that for most marketers would be difficult to discover so what are a business people has to do? And most important is, how can be so sure that you are facilitating the right product or service?

The first thing that you need to know is awareness here you need to know what your customer's choices are and understand how your offers are differentiated to be clear on what makes you stand out from the crowd! Because, if you're just like many other sellers than your business will tent to merge in with your competition and that only means low customer loyalty and fewer profits.

The most essential thing that you should understand what your customer is looking for and for example how many coffee bars do you knows that satisfy your perceived need by offering coffee? All of them but how many coffee bars do you know of that are purposefully creating solutions to your actual need for a simple break from meal preparation? For example, if you own a coffee bar then offer special pricing that may include some games and style competition that involves everyone and awards prizes and perhaps even include child-watching services so parents who are just walking around can drop off some of the kids for a little while and they'll be happy knowing that the children are fed and entertained and also they'll pay for this and then return.

The idea here is not to win over you that every coffee bar should run right out and start family night but the idea is that you'll never know if you don't do some market research and find out what your customer's needs are then create solutions that fill in the gaps. The best thing is that once you've clearly identified which products and services your customers really interested then they'll start Tweeting about them and posting on poplar websites.

You should dome some home work with Google search and this basic search is particularly helpful because it allows you to see where you and your competitors are placed and as mentioned previously the aim of your campaigns should be to acquire multiple rankings in the top results. Also you should click the Advanced Search link from Google tool to filter results, eliminate terms. If you are having is business with multiple product then you should search using images because here you can see clear pictures of competitive products and link to sites where they are being sold and reviewed.

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