Understanding various Aspects of Web Analytics

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Sep 24, 2010
Web Analytics implies detailed analysis of a chain of quantifiable indicators that enables a good idea about the behavior of audience to a particular website.

Web analytics service admits the accumulation of visitors' information from available log files and the tagging of each webpage with JavaScript and this analysis will help in identifying whether the visitor is new or the old one. And using these reports you will understand about the strong and weak areas of your website and you also come to understand that which pages were visited most by the users and which keywords are more relevant for your Webpages.

You will find mainly two categories into web analytics services,

1) off site analytics and

2) on site analytics.

The Offsite analytics works on the measurement of site's availability as well as the potential audience and the current trend in the online market. Onsite web analytics includes the performance of your website in a commercial context and it involves writing of good quality landing pages so that users tend to prompted to buy a product from your website.

A web analytics company analyzes several factors as mentioned below, -

- Number of new, unique or repeat visitors,
- Bounce rate,
- Page view and session durations,
- Active time, engagement time,
- Click path,
- Page depth,
- Exits,
- Hits etc.

Once analyzing has been conducted for above factors then an analytics service provider will provide you list of suggestion to enhance the revenue by increasing sales of products and services that your website offers.

The technique that web analytics companies deploy to know about the nature of visitors to your website are, - Web server log file analysis, - Page tagging, - Sniffing, and - click analysis These methods have their own pros and cons and no method could be considered fool proof. Generally a web analytics service provider will proceed systematically to know the performance of your website on the internet for that they first and foremost try to identify the basic needs and expectations of your prospective customers.

Thereafter, they will identify the goals of your website and recommend necessary changes into it and they will suggest ways to improve your marketing campaigns and strategies. Few people think that more hits simply means more revenue for their company. Let's say if you have more hits and also high bounce rate then? In that case, you will be having more losses despite more traffic is towards your website because bounce rate tend to increases if your website attracts wrong type of traffic or your Webpages do not provide the information which the users are looking for.

A reputed web analytics company will provide you detailed statistics for drop out rate of the audience and service provider should also contact the visitor to understand the reason behind why exactly they abandoned the website. They should get the contact information of the visitor and one should ask the visitor to provide their contact information before they orders a product or leaves your website.


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