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Submitted by Chuck Arnone | Category: Business | Published on Nov 10, 2006
Here is your chance to build a list second to none! This is definitely a chance for the newbie to learn and reap the benefits of his or her own list.

Do you know what a funnel is?
Yes, of course you do! Likely you know what a sales funnel is too! But just for those of you who you don’t it’s a simple process of taking a visitor and “funnelling them through a process”.. In it’s basic format it looks something like this… Visitor = Opt in = Sale = Second sale = Third sale = Ongoing sales = Eventual Travel through funnel Now in this process you have information, support, guidance, up selling, cross selling, down selling and back end selling…

You may have training, cloning and a truckload of other goodies going on..

People may leave this funnel at any given point, but you can “control” to some point how they leave your processing. That information is all for future reports (which we will be adding from time to time in our new site). Many people in Internet Marketing have asked me….. “How do I get people into my list to begin with..”? Well there are MANY ways, but one that I personally love and one that I know my own mentor teaches is…

Get them at FREE or BETTER than FREE! So what can you give to someone that is better than free that will help you to build your list? Well, lets look at that in more detail first. Have a process in mind when you start this step.. Understand where you are ‘leading’ your visitor, do not just think one step ahead, have a plan, a goal, a purpose and to quote what Mike Filsaime teaches.. “Begin with the end in Mind…. “ My latest quote, one that I think I lay claim to is this….. “Focus lets you see further on down the road…

Action, takes you there…” So combining the two methods above, we already have a strong guiding force to ensure we build that list. One is to have the focus, the foresight to know where we are headed, where we want to take our members on their journey and we also have the strategy implemented, we are taking action to put this machine in motion. I call it a machine, because provided you set this right, you could in reality have a detachment from the whole process once it kicks into motion and you could simply become an observer and watch the whole process unfold..

Lets look at flower arranging as my example.. Lets say that this was my area of expertise, then I would probably start with a free eBook or better still a free video on basic flower arranging techniques and or tips…

That would be something my audience would be interested in, and they would be willing to share their email address for! What is the cost of this method? Well, there are MANY things you could use, and you do not even have to create them yourself. Think about original marketing techniques…

Offline, you would have to pay to advertise in a magazine, newspaper or journal in your field. You could pay for leaflets, inserts, TV ads, Radio ads, Business Cards, gift items with your contact information on and much more to spread the word about your business..

But this would not come cheap! Now you can set up a web site, create a product at a very low budget and then give that away for free in return for the right to market to them in future – their email address..

Better still, you create a method for making money on the upsell to this free exchange and then you give that first upsell to your members to keep a high percentage of the profit..

This makes them an affiliate of your product, and they will then “advertise” on your behalf..

The incentive for them is income and to let people know about a great service or product you have and you get more names on your list to market to for the future…


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