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Submitted by Nigel Ridge | Category: Business | Published on Jul 16, 2010
Twitter has made an impact on the Internet. Is your business ready to connect with your partners and customers? Read on...

So you're a new or existing marketer and you've been hearing the buzz about this new social networking site, Twitter. Well I say social networking site, that's what it started off as.

Little did the guys at Odeo know that this idea they had for an SMS service which would allow for short status updates for communication, would turn into the ability for online marketers and businesses to sell products and communicate with customers quickly, directly and regularly.

So you're the marketer? And you want to know how this Tweeting and Twittering works. Or more importantly you want to know how it works from a business perspective.

You can use Twitter all you want for following friends and celebrities and updating a funny status. However how do you sell through it? Well the aim for a marketer is to get followers. You can get followers by e-mailing current mailing lists, putting up links on your sites and other web products, include it in your signatures and so on. The aim of this is once you have followers you can use status updates to recommend products or provide information as often as you want.

The beauty of this is also that you know that that's the reason they are following you and it's a lot less annoying than getting a mailbox full of e-mails every week or even not getting them because they bounce and land in the spam tray! The followers are the keen beans, who want some valuable information, and you are their friend who gives them this information and who also happens to throw a link in to a product that you sell and thinks might be of use to them.

Well that's one way of doing things anyway, often Twitter is also a great way to create buzz and hype about a product or site before its release. This creates a viral interest across the internet about a product that hasn't been released yet, this is excellent and exactly what you as a marketer want. Getting people interested means you will get guaranteed sales and also people talking.

If you are really good you might even be able to get people re-Tweeting your tweets or posting your links up in other places, which certainly doesn't do your sales or SEO any harm. However, I also urge caution as follows will soon lose interest if all they ever see is a constant stream of plugs for products which you promote.

You also need to balance your promotional Tweets with things of interest to your follows. These could be "Tips" or "Tricks of the Trade" or perhaps snippets of humour to brighten their day. Remember you have to give your follower a reason to keep coming back. Right so you know what the aim is and why you want to do it, however what else does Twitter let you know and enable you to do? Well it allows you to judge people's interests and what they think and feel on a product which is great, particularly before release as you can help to test the water and find out what types of users are interested which can help you understand what markets to go into and maximize your sales potential. It allows for links to your site to be posted all over other peoples Twitter accounts and to a huge number of different markets, and a rule of thumb is that more links definitely means more visits to your sites.


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