Trustworthiness of a Company Reflects on Their Websites

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How to conclude whether a company is legitimate or fake? What are the signs that indicate that the company is genuine? Read on to find out.


Trust signs #1 BBB Accredited In the world of marketing, especially online marketing, there are thousands of companies that will charge you thousands of dollars while doing essentially nothing. Look for companies that have the BBB Accredited Business seal somewhere on their website. Then take a look at their rating with the Better Business Bureau. The best practice is to only work with companies that have a B- rating and above.

#2 Case Studies of Past Clients When interviewing potential companies ask for case studies that have been completed on past client campaigns. If you get a reference phone number, then you are always going to get someone that will tell you great things about the company. A case study deals with the numbers of the campaigns. The numbers never lie, and they always tell you an accurate story.

#3 Verisign Trusted Seal This is another simple way to shield you from businesses that should not even be in the hunt for your business. The Verisign seal in coordination with the BBB seal insures that two reputable companies have reviewed the company inside and out. A Verisign seal also lets you know that their is not any malicious code on the website like spyware. This will give you the green light to fill our forms and move freely through the company website.

#4 Strong Presence on Facebook and Twitter If a company is on Facebook and Twitter, then it is letting all past and present customers remark freely about what they have or have not done. A company with a bad reputation will typically not be on social media, or they will have a limited amount of people following them. You should easily be able to find the Twitter and Facebook icons on their home page. Go to each one and see how many people are following them. A reputable established business should have at the very least 1000+ followers and fans.


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