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Submitted by Jason Blackwood | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Internet marketing made easy this method works and you will see traffic flowing
Are you the owner of a new website and finding it hard to get traffic, well there are many way to do this most of them you have to part with cash. Now I will show you the best way to gain traffic for free and this way is by submitting articles. There are loads of article submission site out there, most of them request that your articles are 500 words long you also get back links to your site and links are another great way to pull traffic in so it like killing two birds with one stone. You can submit also any topic so no matter what your site is about. I will give you a hint write more than one article and try to submit a few a day. Forum this is another free way of getting traffic also blogs are great. Internet marketing is not as hard as you may think just put your website address on everything emails, forums and so on you wont see a big burst but a nice steady stream that will grow and grow. Also submit your url to google to get listed with them and sign up to google adsense this will start making you money. Every webmaster at the start faced the same problem as you with traffic and going down many dead end roads before they got a break. Everything that I have told you hear today is free so what have you to lose. Just go and check it out you will be glad that you did, sorry I did not tell you how to find these sites just type into google blogs website, forums and you will see 100s of them just click away and start sending your articles your blog chatting in forums. Try and stay away from the paying method of advertising I went down that road and lost loads of cash here is one article submission you to view just look around and get a feel of what article sites are about. You will start to see your traffic flow and the money start rolling in what every your website is about I wish you all the best, just stick at it Jason


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