Tips to Avoid Counterfeit while buying Online Items

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Business | Published on Nov 19, 2010
Nowadays products and services that you want can be easily found for sale online and often on online auction websites because the sellers on these websites are mostly individuals.

Once you have understood the terms and policies of the auction sites of your choice then you need to look for fraud person! Fraud artists are out there managing the auctions looking for buyers and sellers to take benefit and get something for nothing. Beware of below aspects, What are terms and condition of the goods? For naturalistic presentation of the condition of items go through the listings carefully and try to get and view as many pictures as possible which are taken from the different angles for the item. It is advisable that you directly contact the seller to request additional pictures or prepare and ask questions. You will not be able to see items in person, so be cautious.

Hidden fees? This is major aspect while purchasing goods or items due to that you should pay close attention to fees like shipping and handling. A very well know tactic is to draw bidders attention they often price the item unusually very low and delivered them with high shipping and handling fees due to that reason you should take your time and read the ad carefully and ask many questions as you can to the seller.

Have you done proper research on sellers and took proper cautious of foreign sellers? You will find feedback section on most of the online auction websites actually it helps buyers to place their buying experience with a seller. It is advisable to read through the each and every feedback when you are researching for a particular seller it will help into finding lots of helpful information over here which includes whether the buyer ships promptly and if the items are received as described. Take precautions while dealing with sellers from foreign countries because you may often find that there is no recourse for something going awry when dealing with someone from a foreign country so you need to do your research wholeheartedly.

Are you prepared to dispute charges? While dealing online the best method of payment is credit card or any other method that allows you to dispute charges if you find you have been cheated. If the seller is not interested in this method or try to avert it then search for another way to affirm they're faithful.

Have you use Escrow? When dealing with large amount of money you should inquire about whether seller if escrow is available or not because this will help you to stay secure as the money will not get transferred to the seller until you receive your product. You should always protect yourself by knowing the latest rules and regulations.


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