Tips for Internet Marketers to turn out Association into Winning Situation

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Jan 27, 2011
There are Tons of Thousands of other people trying to do just exactly what you're doing! Another truth is that out of those perhaps 100 or maybe 1000 are actually earning a living from their efforts to market a product or service on line.

Are you falling into one of the 1000? Or are you one of the other Tens of Thousands who struggle a lot and move from one product, one service, and one guru to another in a vain attempt to "make it big online"? What's changed? It didn't matter that what product or service you wanted to promote, the owners of that program or service really had no knowledge in how to effectively turn your association into a real win win situation.

Let's assume that you want to promote one website that's just happens to be your favorite business opportunity anyway. With a heap of marketing material and lots of pretty stuff including - an affiliate sales page by another name. All of this stuff is really great and when you will start with your program you will be pretty well known about how much money you are going to make. Well, what you didn't know is your program providers never explain properly, or even at all in few cases, is just how to effectively reach the right market place. It's always going to be left up to you as the affiliate or associate or whatever you're called, to simply work it out for yourself.

Many programs simply recommend that you should email everyone you can; you should email tens of thousands of people and you'll get a response from at least a few of them. Now target your friends they will say, sell to your current up line - your current down line. You just need to steal them away from your old program and put them with the new program. But you will learn sooner rather than later, this simply doesn't work! Do you remember that how much have you ever earned from any programs you've joined in the past? And how many programs have you dumped in your time online? It may not be because they were inherently bad, but simply because you couldn't find an effective way to make program earn any money.

Each program or business owner that you sign up with it is really only interested in selling their products or services, and if you happen to be score a sale or two they're happy to pay you a commission. But remember that they don't really care if you don't personally sell a damned thing either. They just work by the "Law of Big Numbers" by Jeffery S Rosenthal that basically says that, if you do something often enough you will definitely get variety of results but the majority of those results may not be the results you're looking for. In the past, you may have sent out tens of thousands of emails with very less response.

Surely there's got to be a smarter way to make all of this work? You should actually learn from someone who has done it and just do everything that they tell you to.


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