Tips for getting One-Way Backlinks to Increase Web Traffic

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Sep 21, 2010
The million dollar question that everybody asks is how to get those links to website? Ironically, the two most successful ways of getting one-way backlinks are amongst the most difficult options.

Perhaps the most poorly kept secret regarding website traffic is the fact that you need to get backlinks from many other websites. Primarily, this method works because the websites likes of Google and many other have long since realized that how difficult it can be getting backlinks from other websites. As a result, those websites which do manage to get backlinks are deemed to be good websites and the more backlinks it has and the more valuable it's seen to be with regards to the search engines.

Of course, it should also be mentioned that backlinks generally fall into one of two categories. First, they can be one-way links, or second is they can be reciprocal links. Essentially reciprocal backlinks are a two-way street. In other words, when your website has a link to another website and that website in turn has a link to your website. A one-way links are just as the name implies. In other words, the website to which you link that doesn't have a link back to your website in return.

Nowadays, one-way backlinks find the most favor from search engines like Google, therefore making them extremely desirable. Having high ranking websites link to your website, generally those websites which have high page rankings are getting priority as far as search engines are concerned and if such a website is linking to your website then search engines do take notice of that. Of course, if you have multiple websites that you could choose to place links onto it but for the most part, usually this is not a viable option. Another option for you is to approach webmasters of high ranking websites and ask them to place a link on their website. While some of them simply refuse to even discuss it, others are happy to help into it.

Of course a good offer to write one or two unique articles as a gesture of appreciation can go a long way as well. The second popular method is article marketing but the challenge here is you would be needing lots of articles if you want to be more successful. Due to the reason, this is exactly why so many people give up on online article marketing, just having written a few articles and not seen results.

So the truth of the matter is though; you'll require at least twenty five to forty articles before you start reaping the benefits. Astonishingly enough, few of the top marketers are using up to two hundred articles for each of the different websites they manage and remember that's a tremendous amount of hard work, because it does obviously just produce results so easily.


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