Three Best Things You Need To Build A Website

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Building a credible and professional looking website is the first step to create a successful, Internet marketing business. Remember your website is the jump-off point for your marketing efforts.

Before you starting to build a website, you should have three things ready with you they are

1) A domain name: Is the "address" needs to type into browser when searching for Website

2) A place to house or host your website

3) An HTML editor to create or edit your web pages

Let's start with the first point which is domain name.

Domain Names Which is the correct domain name for you? These are two probable options for selecting a domain name:

1.You should select a name that relates to the specific industry that you are into. Let say, if you're going to sell affiliate products to dog lovers, then you should first try and find a suitable name which relates to it. It might be very difficult to find suitable name as it gotten more difficult these days to find these types of domain names.

2. You should prefer a domain name which is easy to remember and generic. There is option to select your own name or name of your business - probably this is the easiest and the best among all three choices. You can register a domain name by paying $15 or less per year and good thing is it is tax deductible. There are many companies who can help you to register your domain name.


Finding the suitable hosting company: Next will be to choose a hosting company - this is where your virtual company will be located. Opt for a good company who can guarantee your website will stay up for 100% of the time, and their fees should be about $5 a month. Whatever you choose, but avoid choosing one of the "free" hosting websites. It will make your website nonprofessional as most of the time they put advertisements all over website also they are not the reliable - and people often complaint that they found out too late that their website is often "down" or unavailable due to the reason you're losing money every time someone can't get to your website.

Building your website: These days using simple WYSIWYG website builders, ready-made web templates and the availability of web developers, and there is no excuse for the "technologically challenged" not to have a professional website. You can pick up an excellent free HTML editor free from internet. What you need is, above mentioned tools to build a successful, money-making website.


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