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The “thank-you” page as a ay to generate extra sales. This is another technique that is easy to set up and can generate sales for you for years to come.

When you are looking for ways to increase the sales from your email promotions , it's important to think outside the box. You could be losing easy sales.

Everybody talked about the importance of the subject line and "From" address in any promotion you send , because theseare the very first elements your subscribers will see of any email you send.

But what about the LAST thing your subscribers will see? They click through from your email promotion to your web side, they purchase your product ,and then want?

This is another promotional strategy -it's another easy way to capture even MORE sales from your customers and push your profits eve higher.

I am talking about the "thank-you" page - the page you should be directing any customer to after they've either:

  • opted into your email list
  • made a purchase from you.

Rather than leaving your customers high and dry on this page, you should be presenting them with related offers and opportunities.

Remember: A customers is MOST resistant to buying in the moments before they decide to go ahead with they purchase. Their minds are full of doubt.

Right AFTER they make a purchase , however, they feel much better. They're excited to start making use of whatever it is they ‘ve just purchased, and all that stress they felt before they made the purchase- sometimes referred to as "buying resistance"-has disappeared. This is why people who have made purchases from you in the past are likely to do so again in the future – you’ve eliminated most of their buying resistance.

Yet the "thank-you" page of most web sites typically says nothing more than "Thanks for you purchase. Click here to return to my homepage"

This is huge mistake! Your "Thank-you" page should be directing customers to related offers and opportunities.

If you sell upgrades or and-ons to the product that they've just purchased, you should definitely be telling them about those product at this point in the sales process.. After all, they've just demonstrated their willingness to buy one of your product... why not let them now about other products that you thing they might need.

Eugenijus Sakalauskas is an established ezine publisher and direct marketer who specializes in developing new ideas and methods on Website Marketing & Home Business Secrets
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