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Submitted by Steve Shaw | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Jul 19, 2010
Do you ever dread sitting down to write because you're just not sure what to write about? When you're doing article marketing, you need to create a steady flow of articles.

Do you ever dread sitting down to write because you're just not sure what to write about? When you're doing article marketing, you need to create a steady flow of articles.

You may be just getting started and haven't gotten into a writing groove yet. Or maybe you've written tons of articles and are feeling like you've written about your topic in every way you possibly can. I assure you--you have more creative writing ideas in you. You just need a little help in looking at your topic in a new way to come up with new writing ideas.

Use these 15 article ideas to start your next brainstorming session:

1- Use a keyword suggestion tool such as WordTracker to look up searches that people are doing related to your topic. When you find a search term that is popular for your topic, then write an article to satisfy that term.

2- Take a look at your website stats and see what people have been typing into search engines to reach your site. Write articles to satisfy those searches.

3- Forums: Look at popular forums in our niche and see what topics are hot. Pick out some questions that people are asking that you think your target market might also be wondering, and then write an article that answers that question.

4- Blogs: Start following some popular blogs in your niche, and see what topics strike a nerve with the readers. You can usually tell what topics are hot by how many comments the post has. Sometimes just looking at the comments on a topic is enough to spark ideas for new articles.

5- Newsletters: Subscribe to newsletters in your niche and see what catches your eye. Use a compelling newsletter topic as a jump start for your next article.

6- Google Alerts: Create Google Alerts for each of your keywords and see what other folks are writing about your topic. The idea is to just catch an idea--you can cover the same or similar topic in a new way, with a new perspective, and with different information.

7- Solicit questions. If you have a blog or a newsletter list, ask your readers if they have any questions for you. Take the best questions and write articles that provide answers.

8- How To articles. What can you teach your readers? Think of a specific lesson, technique, or skill that your target market needs to know in order to succeed in your niche, and then walk them step-by-step through how to do it. Numbering each step helps readers follow your instructions more easily.

9- Top Tips articles, or any list article. All articles do not have to be in essay form--some articles can be lists. Be sure to include an intro and concluding paragraph and to choose an overarching theme that your readers would be interested in. For example, this article is a list article. My overarching theme is "article topic ideas". All of the elements of my list contribute to that theme.

10- Got an e-book that you've written? You can break your e-book(s) up into articles. You can also use your table of contents as an article idea list.

11-Look at your newsletter messages--turn them into articles. 

12- If you've done any audio interviews, you can turn them into articles. Just re-listen to the interview, take notes, and then create articles based on the information you covered in the interview.

13- Customer support replies--have you ever written a customer support reply that was so thorough, instructional, and useful that you thought you should share it with all of your readers? Some customer support replies are worthy of being turned into articles.

14- Forum replies and blog comments. If you leave really insightful, helpful, and knowledgeable blog comments, consider turning them into articles. Now, these comments have to have some depth and meat to them. You might have to develop the idea further to make it into an article.

15- Write a "Top 7" article and then bounce an article off of each of the 7 items. That way you get 8 articles out of one Top 7 list! Use this article idea list to brainstorm your next 15 (or more!) articles.

How many article ideas were you able to come up with from this list?


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