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Submitted by Bryan F Bell | Category: Web Design | Published on Jun 07, 2011
Over-stuffing any single web page with too much of content or images is completely wrong for any website. Take help from a web designer to prepare the layout in proper manner.

Many times companies ask their web designers to include loads of content to be put on single web pages. They may tell them that their clients would need that information so they can divide it and use in the web pages. Dividing and arranging them on the web page is not a difficult task for expert web designers. But putting too much of things on a web page is not good for a website’s image and business. You can use certain primary techniques to decrease the amount of text been used on a given web page or segregate them.

Corporate Blog Mockup So we designers may ask you to organize the content into respective categories so that the navigation becomes easy for the visitors, especially if the present idea is complex in nature. You can put in links on important words in the content of the home page, so that the visitors are directly directed towards the information which is there on another web page of the website, without cluttering the home page. If you over-stuff the homepage with content, there would be scarcity of space thus readers might overlook your website.

Website owners may also have to take decision whether they require headings that include blurbs, this is asked by the web designers. So here you get the chance to put in content that is at par with newspapers’ articles, so that the readers get more interested in it. If you would limit the amount of content on web pages, it would be seen more and create interest in the visitors thus making them stick to your website.


You can view some news websites that are overloaded with stories and take too much time to load, thus creating a wrong impression. Such websites are example of live chaos, when new content is added the old ones adjusts with the new one, creating confusion. So the readers would eventually turn up frustrated and view it as non-professional website, thus leaving the website as soon as possible.

So if you are confused how to place the content, ask your website designer to work on it. Tell them your requirements and content you want in your website and they would adjust it properly without creating any clutter. Several different ways to design a website and create its layout are available in the market. So it’s better to contact any good and experience website designer to handle the project.

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