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If you have a website then you will need to know how to apply sound Internet web site marketing techniques if you are going to turn your online business into a profitable one.

There are many aspects to Internet web site marketing. Apply the right elements and your efforts will reap huge rewards.

In a traditional sense, people believe that marketing boils down to placing pay per click ads and having a bunch of reciprocal links established on their website. This is only partly true. There are far more elements to website promotion.

Letís face it, pay per click can become to costly for the average small business and although having reciprocal links is a great marketing tool, if your link is placed on the 7th page of a low ranking website with little to no visibility, then youíll never see a visitor from that link.

Businesses that want to sell something online need 2 things. The first is a product and the second is sound Internet web site marketing techniques that are low in cost but will produce good if not great results.

What is Internet web site marketing?

Put simply, it is the vehicle that is used to carry your message across to the consumer so that people are aware of its existence and are compelled to make a purchase.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on properly designing a website so that the website itself becomes a great way to implement Internet web site marketing.

The first step in promoting a product or service online is to build a website that is both functional and easy for visitors to navigate. Functional in the sense that all the key elements like good design and layout are employed and all pages and links are functioning correctly.

Good navigation involves designing a website that a visitor can easily and quickly find the information, products, and services that you offer. If you keep the navigation simple then your visitors will find their experience at your site to be a pleasant one, thereby making it easier for them to buy your products or utilize your services.

3 Key Elements Every Website Design Must Consider: 1. Deciding On A Product or Service To Sell

The first thing to do is to determine what your target market is looking for. The product or service have to fill a need that visitors want right now. It should provide a solution of some kind. Ideally, you want to fill a void that your visitors have.

For example: if you design a website that sells gift items. Then your site should develop a clear and concise focus on supplying the need of your visitors to purchase a gift.

Donít lose your focus. Decide on what you are going to sell and keep your focus on how to best present that product or service. Itís tempting to add a bunch of banner ads or other items that pull attention away from your main focus. Be selfish, sell yourself first and worry about making money promoting others after you have established a sound, solid website.

Remember, you are applying sound Internet web site marketing techniques and not every Internet web site marketing technique.

2. Whatís In A Domain Name? EVERYTHING!

The next thing you must do is spend ample amounts of time doing proper research on the best domain name for your website. Sit down with a notebook or a piece of paper and play around with different combinations of words that best describe your product or service.

Choosing A Domain Name:
  • First decide on a keyword or keyword phrase that best describes your site. (I wrote another article on how to choose proper keywords. Contact me at the website listed in the resource box and Iíll email you a copy.)
  • Itís not mandatory but itís an excellent idea to include your keyword or keyword phase in your domain name. Search engines love this and you will increase you chances of receiving free traffic from search engines just by applying this method.
  • Keep your domain name short, sweet, simple, and easy to remember.

Given the fact that there are probably other people who have been in the business longer than you and are selling similar products or services, thereís a high chance that your first choice for a domain name might already be used by someone else. Itís a good idea to have several possible names to choose from in case the one you want is already taken.

I will let you in on a technique that I employ. If the domain name I want to use is unavailable, then I will add a single digit number at the end.

For example:

My specialty is Internet Web site Marketing. My keyword phrase and theme of my website is Internet Web site Marketing. Needless to say, I wanted my domain name to be (I didnít want to include the word ďInternetĒ because it would have made my name to long.) This domain was already being used by another company. So I chose to register my company with the domain name of and thatís where I live on the Internet. It didnít take away from my original idea, itís short, sweet, simple and easy to remember and it contains the major part of my keyword phrase.

3. What Should I Charge For My Product or Service?

A product of good quality should be sold at a decent price. Do your homework and research whether or not your product or service is being offered online yet (type your keyword in the search box of Google or Yahoo and see if you get any hits.) If you are selling a unique product or service that no one else is currently selling online then you could set your price as high or as low as you wish. Keep in mind if your price is to high, you will have a hard time converting visitors into sales and if itís to low, you are throwing away your profits. So take your time with this one.

Considering the fact that billions of products are currently being sold online, you will most likely discover that your product or service is currently being offered by others. In that case, visit these sites and write down how much they are charging and come up with a price that meets somewhere in the middle. This is only a suggestion not a rule. You must decide how valuable your product or services are and come up with a price thatís just right for your visitors budget but will allow you to earn a decent profit.

Promoting Your New Website:

With everything in place, it is now time to promote your website. Here is a list of some key Internet Web site Marketing ideas that really work.

  1. Writing and submitting free reprint articles is a resourceful way to generate increased exposure and will drive traffic to your web site.
  2. Create and market your own affiliate program
  3. Write and submit press releases to both paid and free press release sites.
  4. Register with and actively participate in forums that target your ideal client or customer.
  5. Offer legitimate comments and articles to blog owners who cover your topic area and target your audience.
  6. List your teleseminars, e-zines, live events and books on Craigslist in cities and sections that have appeal for your target audience.
  7. Research opportunities to be a guest on teleseminars, podcasts and webinars.
  8. Actively participate in online social networks such as MySpace, Ryze and LinkedIn.
  9. Join and participate in associations and non-profits that attract your perfect client.
  10. Place paid advertisements in e-zines that target your audience.
  11. Write or hire a ghostwriter to create a short e-course that you can give away so long as people provide you with their e-mail address.
  12. Downloadable white papers are usually longer versions of articles and often include graphics and links to resources. As with your e-course require people who want the white paper to register for your e-zine.
  13. Create your own blog, update at least every other day and include links to your web sites.
  14. Sponsor contests and submit them to contest directories.
  15.  Testimonials and referrals can be obtained from the same people. Offer to include a picture with testimonials and a live link to your client's web site.

Remember: IT TAKES TIME! So slow down, be patience and continue to follow you dreams.

Donít give up! If at first you donít succeed, TRY, TRY, AGAIN! There is a lot to learn when trying to come up with a winning design for your website. Give yourself a break and donít set unrealistic goals. DonĎt be afraid to learn from others and keep at it until you get it just how you want it.

So, Good Luck, Make Money and Have Fun Doing It - Shirley Kelly

Shirley Kelly is a full time internet marketer who has written over 200 articles in print and 5 published ebooks. Her passion is helping others avoid the mistakes she made when she launched her first website. Her motto is "Knowledge is power and power is having a good understanding about what you're doing."
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