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Submitted by Nicholas Cole | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Building Website Traffic through Article Submission Software. Easy Traffic Generation Though Article Submission. Spam Free Software Solution for Building your website traffic.
By reviewing information online I was studying and researching how I could generate the most amount of traffic on the cheap. I have done pay-per click and other types of advertising, but also read information on traffic generation through submitting to article directory submission sites. The idea seemed simple enough, but I quickly found the task to become quite repetitive and tiring. I would have a single article that I wanted to send out to submission sites, but I had to find the sites, most of the time register to submit, wait on confirmation emails, and then sign on to the site before I could even submit my article. Like anything that is cheap I expected some work, but it became a very tedious process. I looked into some of the "pay for submission" sites, but I really didn't want to spend up to $35 for submitting my articles to a single site. I believed that I was onto something, but I really wasn't sure what at that point I remember. So I decided to start indexing article submission sites and then submit an article to the sites to see what kind of response that I would receive. Well I was completely blown-away to be honest. In a matter of just 3 days my article was listed on the top of Google. This is all without any payment for article submissions. WOW! Completely free traffic for my website. So, I was onto something and I just had to find an easier, faster, and more productive way to submit my articles. By profession I am an application and software developer that has a knack for automation projects. I wanted to make sure that my articles got submitted to proper directories also. You have to watch out for submission sites. By monitoring Page Ranks of article directories and comparing the types of submissions allowed on the sites I was able to find out which sites I should submit articles to. This is by no way a new concept to generate traffic, and I even saw some software products that are available to the public for purchase that allow you to submit articles to you can easily find them on google. The only problem is that most of these products I have heard do not stay updated properly and had bad ratings. So naturally the developer side of me came out and I decided to write automated scripts to push my articles out to other sites. This was a pretty quick task per site and then after I had signed up with sites that required registration it was easier to get my information out when I needed it out. I had given these scripts away to some of my friends and after them using them they decided that I should package up the software and sell it to anyone else that was looking for a great traffic promotion solution. Free Traffic that doesn't cost a penny worked great for me and them. Basically I was paying hundreds of dollars per month in advertising that I didn't feel I got the return I wanted. Since, I have been able to generate free website traffic which means the return on my investment was great. With the help of my tool I created called Article Submission Pro; I am able to generate large volumes of traffic quickly and easily. I am also able to provide updates easily to the application for updates for newer high quality submission sites. Each site has the Page Rank listed and is available for viewing when selecting the submission sites. I understand that you may not have a large amount of money, and I have seen these applications as high as $300 but I am interested in supplying a great way to build your website. You can do anything with traffic on the internet. Without traffic you will have a hard time achieving the type of business that you want unless you already have plenty of money and a huge advertising budget. You have to spend money to make money and Article Submission Pro is very affordable under fifty bucks. As an application developer I get paid $139 and above per hour of billable hour of work. You can submit articles by hand manually... sure that will actually do just as good, but I guarantee that you will spend much more time getting your articles sent out which means less time writing decent articles. If you are interested in article submission you should definitely use this in your website traffic building arsenal. This is a very powerful tool for generating traffic. Here is the website for the Article Submission Pro tool --> http://www.articlesubmissionpro.net Good luck in all your business building endeavors!!!


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