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Ways to increase your affiliate marketing profits using these helpful hints and tips.

So, you'd like to outsell the gazillion other affiliate marketers promoting the same affiliate program that you are? You'd like to be one of the few affiliate marketers who actually receive a nice paycheck. You'd like to figure out a way to stand out when it seems like everyone else has been doing it longer and better than you have. You'd like to become a SUPER affiliate. Scratch that. You'd LOVE to become a SUPER affiliate! Right?

While it's true that those with greater resources (deep pockets, large mailing lists, high-traffic websites) do have an advantage when it comes to generating revenue from affiliate programs, the gap isn't as wide as it might seem to think. In fact, with a few strategic tactics, YOU - yes, that's YOU - can become a SUPER affiliate WITHOUT the great resources that others might possess.

If you are willing to do two things, then I GUARANTEE that you can become a top-selling affiliate in just about any reseller program.

What Are Those Two Things?

  1. Learn.
  2. Apply.

First things first, you've got to know what you are doing. It took me three years to grasp what doing business online is all about. And I learn something new everyday. Become a top affiliate is a never-ending learning process.

Secondly, you've got to apply what you have learned. It's one thing to read this's another thing to actually put into practice what you read. I've told my affiliates from the beginning, there are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree: one is to get started climbing, the other is to sit on an acorn and wait. I don't have to tell you which one makes it to the top. If you want to become an income producer with affiliate programs then learn the ropes and put them into practice. That's a sure-fire formula for success. I can't help you put them into practice. That's up to you. I can, however, teach you some things you need to know.

Below you will find a few ways to outsell your competition and become a top-producing affiliate. Some are obvious, others are not. All are important. Are you ready to start climbing the oak tree?

Be Different One of THE biggest problems with affiliate programs is that EVERYONE uses the same standard banners, classifieds and articles that everyone else uses to promote the products and services. There are three areas of concern with doing this: If everyone is promoting the exact same ads, what will make me want to purchase from YOU? Why not someone else? If I have already looked at the product or service from Joe's ad and I decided against purchasing the product, then I'm very unlikely to visit the website again after reading the same ad from you. However, if it's a different ad that catches my attention, I'll visit. This time I might decide to buy. If the standard ad focuses on an angle of the product that I am not interested in, then I probably won't take a closer look. By being different, you might just touch on a topic of the product that DOES appeal to me.

One of the keys to standing out among a crowd of many people doing the same thing is to be different. Separate yourself from the "standard" ads supplied to you that everyone is using. There are three easy things you can do to make your promotion efforts different that I am going to quickly cover. However, I first want to point out that NOT ALL affiliate programs allow you to develop your own advertising. Most will, but not all. So, check your affiliate agreement first. And, if necessary, give the administrator a quick email to make sure you are able to use your own advertising materials. Having said that, here are three super ways to be different...

Write Your Own Ads Don't use that same tired classified that you've seen a gazillion times. I personally have sold 25 times MORE Cookie Cutter packages when I didn't use the standard ad (you know, "what if it really works"). Instead, my ads focused on a TURNKEY BUSINESS for under $20 and I was using the term "resell rights" for this product and "resell rights" placed me in another field compared to everyone else. Be different. Don't use the same old ads, write your own. What strikes you as most important about the product or service? Focus on that. Stress benefits. Grab attention. Stand out. (Don't know how to write a killer classified ad? Just go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and look up what others are writing for ads. Find a good one and give it a little tweek and use it.) Create Your Own Graphics Same concept as on writing your own classified ads, except this time you are creating graphics. And, go one further than that and create an ebook cover or product box.

I know of one gentleman in my own affiliate program who does this and has seen his sales rise dramatically. Think about it, NO ONE ELSE in the world can use your graphics - you are 100% different! Free Report Write a free report that is uniquely yours. A 3-5 page report that has a desirable subject and quality content will produce more results that you can imagine. I released a free report several months ago that has *literally* produced over $20,000 in sales for an affiliate program that I promote! Of course, throughout the report, you will want to include information on the product you are promoting. I assure you, if you are providing quality information, most people won't care at all that you include links to products. In fact, if they are absorbed in the good stuff you have given, they probably won't even notice that you've included them. Be Convincing/Overwhelming A strong motivator for sales is MORE. We want MORE useful information. We want more items. We want more value for our money.

Let me give you an example from the real world. Suppose you are looking to purchase a new car and you visit several different dealerships. All of them have the EXACT same car that you are interested in purchasing. All are priced at the EXACT same price. Every factor is the same......except for one. One of the dealerships offers you an incentive. If you purchase the vehicle from him, he will throw in a year's supply of gasoline!

Now I ask you, which of the dealerships are you going to make your purchase from? If you chose anyone but the dealer offering the free probably shouldn't be on the road driving! :-) Obviously, with all factors the same, you would want to make your purchase from the dealer who offered you MORE value for your money. Affiliate programs are kind of like car dealerships - at least in one regard. Every affiliate in a particular program offers the EXACT same product at the EXACT same price. All factors concerning the affiliate program are basically the same for every affiliate. So, who's going to make the sale? The one who offers the added incentive, that's who! Just a couple of days ago I received an email from one of my regular customers. He thanked me for sending him an email about a new product that I had began promoting.

He explained that he was just about to buy the same product from someone else when he received my email. Of course, I offered an INCENTIVE - a product of my own valued at the same amount of the product I was promoting. He excitedly reported to me that he was going to purchase from ME instead of the other guy, SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE I had the extra bonus included in my offer. A few minutes later his order came in. Want to outsell other affiliates? Want to outsell them even though you are all promoting the EXACT same product at the EXACT same price? Offer MORE! You need to create an incentive. And it needs to be something of *value*. It doesn't matter whether it is a product you've purchased Reprint Rights to, an Information Product that you created yourself, a Freebie that you picked up online, or an ebook or a special report, it just needs to be something that the reader finds useful and valuable. There are four basic steps that need to be completed for a killer incentive to really produce results...

Develop A Bonus Step one, quite obviously, is to develop your bonus. What is it that you want to give away? Determine what it is that you wish to offer as your incentive for making the purchase from YOUR affiliate link. Write A Sales Letter Write a sales letter for something I'm GIVING AWAY? You betcha. You've got to convince them that they need your freebie as much as they need the affiliate program product! If you're freebie is *valuable* and the sales letter is a *killer*, then the prospect might actually be more interested in your free offer than they are the affiliate program product they are going to purchase.

Create A Website Of course, your sales letter needs a webpage. Your free incentive needs a home! My recommendation is for your freebie to have its own *exclusive* webpage. Yep, a webpage with nothing else included on it but your sales letter for your incentive. Make Your Offer Having everything in place isn't enough. You must tell people about it. The key is to get the word out on your free offer. When you begin generating traffic to your incentive page, and your offer is right, I'll guarantee you that you will begin seeing results.

Be Personal I received an email the other day from a trusted associate who told me about a new opportunity online that seemed promising. I receive a gazillion such emails each day and usually delete them before even reading the first two lines. But, this being a trusted associate, I took a closer look. And I ended up purchasing based solely on his recommendation. Because he recommended it, I took a look at the product that normally wouldn't have caught my attention. You see, this trusted associate of mine doesn't recommend junk. If he personally endorses something, then I pay attention. If it earns his seal of approval, it most likely will earn mine as well.

A personal recommendation to your ezine subscribers, website visitors, network of personal contacts, etc. will almost always bring in extra sales. That is, IF you have earned their trust. You earn their trust by ONLY recommending products and services that are truly of *value*. You earn their trust by recommending products and services not merely to earn a buck, but rather to provide some kind of benefit to them. Remember, your reputation is on the link. If you recommend a poor product just to earn a quick commission, then the next time you recommend a product you'll have about as much clout as the little boy who cried wolf! In other words, no one is going to pay any attention to what you are saying. Personal recommendations are great and they work wonders. Just make sure you don't abuse them by endorsing sub-standard products or services.

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