10 Tips How Skyrocket Your Sales

Submitted by Baba Jani | Category: General Interest | Published on May 27, 2006
These 10 tips is a basic technique that I've provide here are all about explaining how to score more sales from the products you've promote, you may subscribe to my articales at tips2soarsales@wealthysecrets.net
  1. End your slow sales periods by planning ahead. Plan to add extra bonuses, hold a sale or package your product with other products. For example, you could say, "Buy one, get one free!" Another example would be, "Buy over $20 worth of products and get 5 free bonuses!" 
  2. Make more commissions from the affiliate programs you join by giving your own endorsements for the products. They usually pull more sales than ads. For example, you could say, "This e-book sent chills up my spine! I highly recommend buying it!" Another example, "All I have to say is, 'Wow! It's that good!'" 
  3. Speed up your Internet access. You can get your online business tasks done faster, which will help you stay ahead of your competition. It can speed up your research, online marketing tools, Internet utilities, software downloads, etc. 
  4. Allow people who do not have time to explore your site to download your web site in e-book format. This will allow them time to view it offline. Just compile it like you would a normal e-book. You could also turn it into a viral marketing tool by allowing people to give it away to others for free. 
  5. Use a lot of headlines and sub-headlines on your web site. This will hold people's attention and keep them at your web site longer. Sometimes people don't have time to read a whole sales letter. This'll allow you to sell to people who are skimmers. Plus it will get the reader's full attention at the same time. 
  6. Take advantage of popular fads. If something is popular at the current time, put up a web site about it. Just promote your main site on the fad web site. You could also send off a quick article or press release about it to get free publicity. You could also do this with popular search engine keywords and phrases. 
  7. Allow your prospects to choose between a retail or wholesale price. Of course you need to make a profit on the wholesale price. Just charge people a monthly or yearly membership fee to always get your products at wholesale cost. Your business would be like the offline wholesale shopping clubs. 
  8. Allow other related web sites that don't have a chat room to link to yours. They'll get use of a free chat room and you'll draw extra traffic to your site. Just publish your ad right above the chat room area. Your ad will draw extra exposure from all the other web sites sending traffic to it. 
  9. Increase the perceived value of your free things or bonuses by including the retail dollar amount the freebies would normally sell for. For example, you could say, "Bonus 1# Marketing Tips Newsletter (a value of $120)." Another example, "Get 7 Bonuses With A Retail Value Of $345! That more than pays for your purchase!"
  10. Create your own web ring. You will gain highly targeted traffic to your web site and others will link to your site because they'll want to join the ring. For example, if you were selling products to net marketers, you would want to start an online marketing web ring. You would then draw your target audience. Baba Jani NOTE: You're welcome to repint rights to this articale and use it for your ezine or website or give to others with my resources box must be intact.

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