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Easy ways to adjust your website to help get higher rankings in the search engines

Good keyword research is the basis of achieving a successful search engine listing.

It is using those ‘key’ words in your marketing which helps the Search Engines to find you and if they find you, then you are on your way to having a successful campaign. In short, your Search Engine marketing of ‘key’ words is the best way of getting seen by the people who can get you, the most visitors/buyers to your site.

It stands to reason that if most people on the web look for ideas and products by typing into their browser specific words to get the information, they are looking for; then by having a list of words applicable to your products(s) in your marketing campaign, you will be targeting your type of audience with what they are looking for!

Simple really.

Find what the customer is searching for and give it to them…

How you go about establishing your keyword research has to be a very important part of search engine marketing strategy. It really does not matter how good your product is, if you are not using the key words that your prospect is searching for then you will not get the type of person, you are looking for.

There are a number of web sites you can use to find out what people are looking for and I suggest you familiarise yourself with them as they will help you in establishing your presence on the Internet.


There are of course others, but any of the above will be of help to you.

Using the Good Key word free down load site and keying in a word specific to your site, you will get a list of words that people have been searching for. This is what you need so that you can incorporate them into your marketing. For instance:

Keying in the phrase “marketing” would bring the following along with the number of requests made for that phrase or similar words.

  • search engine marketing  1,123,521
  • marketing 200,090
  • email marketing 149,571
  • internet marketing 114,446

This website Good Keywords actually lists the top 100 for you but I have only shown the top 5 to give you a guide.

Bear in mind that these figures are for one month only!

So if your site was about Internet Marketing, that keyword should be incorporated either in your web site address or your main web site heading. (That is the first page on your site any visitor would see).

The more key words that you can used in your text then the greater chance that the search engines will find you and that is what the simple strategy is all about. If the search engines can find you, then there’s a good chance that visitors/buyers will also.

There are of course other ways of optimization your web site such as using ‘meta tags’, linking to other sites, writing articles etc and to find out more about these, just type into your web browser your ‘key’ word and enjoy the journey.

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