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For those who are professional djs, dj audio equipment is necessary for performance. Learn how to seek out used audio equipment online and save money.

Professionals in the audio world know the costs attached to the industry. Producers, DJís, musicians and songwriters pay out the nose for their equipment, oftentimes taking out credit cards and loans in order to attain the needed tools for their art. Artists who are strapped for cash waste time and gas money frequenting pawnshops, yard sales and second-hand stores in hopes of finding that missing piece of audio equipment.

Whether youíre into buying or selling audio equipment, your chances for success are much higher by utilizing the worldwide web. Here are five tips to keep in mind when using the Internet for your audio needs.

  1. DJ Audio Equipment Make Some of the Best Products to Sell on the Internet In order to bring us innovative and reliable equipment, manufacturing moguls like Numark, Vestax & JBL have to tweak their products every year. Based on customer feedback, rigorous testing & advances in technology, these companies constantly develop better systems at more affordable prices. Many professional DJís are continually replacing their audio equipment with the new product line in order to maintain the cleanest tone and the hottest mix. Every summer and winter, auction sites flood with last yearís model, which makes it prime time for enthusiasts and budget-minded professionals who want the same level of quality at a fraction of the price.
  2. Know the True Value of Antique and Used Audio Equipment One of the main drawbacks on buying online versus in the store is the inability to hear the model for yourself and test its reliability. With that said, most of the manufacturerís websites will have samples of the products for review. In addition, a query on a video website, such as, often leads to an example of that product in use. Of course, itís also important to look up reviews of the product to learn more about reliability, potential problems, and the customer service of the manufacturer. offers thousands of reviews of audio equipment and products directly from musicians who currently own them. Oftentimes, written reviews can also be found on shopping sites, such as and All these sites will give you a wonderful perspective on what the safe bets are when it comes to buying used audio equipment, and it might help you steer clear of products that had serious flaws from the very beginning.
  3. Go for the Auction for Audio and Video Accessories Shopping websites can offer great deals for new audio equipment products, but most of the time, the best deals are found on online auction sites. If the product is new, then the manufacturerís warranty will cover any mishaps with the equipment. For used products, youíll have the option of purchasing the product at a lower price, versus paying sticker at a shopping website. Sites like and the professionally minded sell used equipment regularly via online auctions.
  4. Start with an Internet Store that has a Good Reputation and Knows How to Sell Online Whenever youíre making a purchase online, itís always wise to check on the policies of the website ahead of time. Make sure that the website has clauses in place should the seller go missing, or the product arrive damaged. If the website has a good reputation for customer service, or you see an acceptable return policy, than you can have your mind in the right place when you place your bid.
  5. Choose the Right Tool for the Job When Buying and Selling Audio Equipment Depending on what type of project youíre working on, your audio needs will vary a great deal. A home studio will require effects processors, sound insulation panels and high-quality condenser microphones, whereas a DJ looking to gig out might only need a 4-channel mixer and a turntable.

Before making any big audio equipment purchase, ask yourself what exactly it is that you need for your music, and brainstorm on the different ways to achieve that goal. Perhaps a multi-effects pedal is all thatís needed instead of that entire rack unit, or maybe an interface for your home computer will fit the task just as easily as that multi-track recorder. There are many avenues to the finish line, so before committing to that whole new system, figure out exactly what you need. Itíll save you time, money and energy that you can dedicate to your music. Happy bidding!


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