Making Money on Internet , Using Article Marketing

Submitted by James Rawlins | Category: General Interest | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Making money on internet is not that hard if you use proven stategies ! Article marketing when used correctly can drive unlimited targeted traffic to your affilate sites.
If you are looking for way's to increase your affiliate commision's article marketing is a proven stategy when used correctly can drive unlimited targeted traffic to your affilate sites. People have been using article's for year's.Some affiliate's have made fortunes through article marketing alone! Making money on internet using article marketing is a proven stradegy . Article's let you educate ,target, promote, and generate traffic . Article Writing Basic's 1.Write keyword rich articles's and submit them to high ranking directories like You should use your keywords throughout your article . 2.Start out with about 300-700 words based around one highly targeted keyword. Use keyword density of around 1% - 2%. Place keyword in title , introduction and scatter through article body. 3.Use easy format's like tip's , or top ten list .You should also make your article easy to read ,write in plain english - don't use big fancy word's . Be sure to include your url in your bio box. Doing this right will put you on top of the search engines when someone searches for your keyword . This means more traffic to your affiliate site which will mean more money in you pocket. The whole concept of article marketing targets your audience and provides that audience with the information they seek. After they've been impressed by the information they've read, they click through to your web site and your site should close the sale. This stategy make's making money on internet a breeze ! About Author: James Rawlins is an active affiliate marketer who loves to teach others how to make money online ! For A Limited Time, This Secret Weapon Of A World Famous Super Affiliate can Be Yours! FREE


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