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Safety of submission The possibility that your URL will get "banned" if you break some submission rules of a search engine is, in fact, quite low nowadays with almost any search engine.

However, a safe, sound and accurate tactic is to comply with search engine submission guidelines. It is a waste of time to submit your site to Arianna (Italy) if it accepts sites written only in Italian and your site is entirely in English. It's also a waste of time and traffic to submit all your pages if a search engine accepts only a certain number of pages per day.

Don't resubmit a page if it has been submitted in the last month or so. It takes at least 4 to 6 weeks for a page to make it into a search engine's index if you use free URL submission, so you have to give it time.

If you have a page in your site that you can't seem to get indexed, submit it manually through free add URL or paid inclusion. Make sure that page is listed on your site map and elsewhere throughout your site. Put links to that page on other sites you might have. Build a link popularity for that page, if possible.

Don't hurry to resubmit or make any changes to the page if it has dropped away from the search engine index and you can't find it anymore. Remember what the crawling period for that search engine is and wait until the spider next crawls the Web. Also, the engine is probably experiencing a database update. In both cases, your page should reappear soon. If it doesn't, check your directory listings and restore them, if necessary; then look carefully at your page and make sure it does not apply any of the techniques that may seem suspicious to your targeted search engine.

Check the incoming links for this page from your site map and from other domains that earlier contained a link to this page. If a considerable period of time passes and nothing happens, save this page under a different name, refresh the links sitewide and - if possible - update the external links from other domains that pointed to this page earlier, then submit it to the search engines anew. SEO by


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