Cost and Time Saving Tactics for Developers : RAD Rapid Application Development

Submitted by Bruce Tucker | Category: Technology | Published on Nov 05, 2010
How maximum you can produce in less time and in lower cost is the key of success in today's competitive business world.

In the field of application development, the term Rapid Application Development (RAD) has been recognized for bringing amazing results in saving the precious time of the developers as well as application owner. According to this methodology, of developing applications rapidly usually takes 30 to 90 days of development time. Prior to the introduction of RAD, development of the applications rapidly were very complex and it used to take a very long time. Gradually with the increasing demands of the applications and introduction of new technologies RAD methodology reached to maximum developers.

There are various tools used in RAD methodology such as VB, Visual C++ as visual tools and Rational tools as CASE tools, which are only based on RAD methodology. If developers use Rational Rose in designing, then code can generate automatically in programming languages like C++ and VB. For instance if developer is working with MS front page and designs web-page layout & its content, then HTML code for the application will be automatically generated.

Developers can find various methods of RAD, which can be applied for the application construction. There are many payable and free libraries are available for seeking functionality for application development only correct linking of these libraries are required. Developers prefer using RAD methodology in application development because it provides various benefits like improved speed due to rapid prototyping, it increases end user utility, it helps in lowering the cost, no more testing efforts required, improve quality & reduce time in development due to automatic code generation and provide simplicity & usability of graphic user interface (GUI).

All above benefits are achieved by developers by using various RAD tools like Cross-Platform Rapid Application Development tools, Desktop Rapid Application Development tools, Database Rapid Application Development Tools, etc. Fast moving world of application development is the result of increasing demands of busy masses of the modern users of Information & technology. There are two most popular Rapid development Application systems are Delphi & Visual basic for Windows. While having so many advantages RAD methodologies are not used for the big applications, as big applications always tends to be expanded according to requirements and not fixed or pre-defined.

It is suggested by most of the experts that RAD methodologies are not suitable for the complex and big application development, it is best when requirements are specified and well-known. For the development of low-risk application RAD methodologies are best.


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