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Submitted by Garfield Pritchard | Category: Search Engines | Published on Jul 20, 2006
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Since receiving a number of questions concerning the rece ntly released Search Engine Ranking Factors home study course on ways to apply it to single page sales letter sites, I figure I will address the questions here.

I would advise that you do not combine both. That would defeat the purpose of a sales page site since its objective is to sell! Using Nemeas to help select the domain is recommend.

However, I would NEVER suggest the use of other Ranking Factors techniques to try to get my sales page to rank higher. Sales page should be optimized with the Glyphius copywriting software and the other copywriting techniques that I share from time to time along with the Statistical Copywriting home study course for sales, BUT NEVER for search engine ranking. Using SE Ranking Factors is just another way to get traffic to a website. Never use it directly on a sales page site. Alternatively, you use the SE Ranking Factors to create a new website that is optimized for the search engines one such example is an information site.

On that site, you advertise your sales letter site. Please note the distinction here. Optimize a sales site for sales. Optimize an information site for search engine ranking. Then you should promote your sales site on the information site. - Garfield Pritchard


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