The unbelievable power of viral marketing with e-books

Submitted by Donald | Category: Web Services | Published on Nov 29, 2007
The power of e-book viral marketing, making money and traffic in the backend
With the many forms of traffic generation that are available on the internet. Viral marketing has got to be one of the most powerful and effective forms of advertising in today?s world, in particular e-book viral marketing. With e-books you have the ability to supply your patrons with the one thing that everyone is looking for on the internet, that?s information. I?m sure you?ll agree that 90 percent of us that surf the net are in search of information. Whether that information is on how to effetely market your website, or how to groom your race horse, we?re all looking for information. E-books can be targeted to any audience simply by choosing the right topic of the e-book for that particular market. So if you were to have an e-book that was focused on a much sought after subject or topic, the amount of people that would eagerly accept this information would be large, especially if the information were free. Now you might be wondering were is there profit in giving away e-books. Here you have a much sought after commodity in your e-books and not charging a dime for this valuable information. Well the truth is that the profit is in the other end so to speak, if your were to place affiliate links inside those e-books, links that were pointing to products that were targeted to the topic and paragraph of the e-books, those links would likewise also be targeted toward the readers interest. You might want to think about this for a minute, here you have someone reading your e-book that is very interested in the topic of your e-book and is now seeing your affiliate links pointing to products that this individual is likely very interested in. What do you suppose the conversion rate would be for visitors clicking those affiliate links in your e-books? I guessing pretty high. The beauty of this situation is the links can be seated in the articles seamlessly appearing to be a part on the article and enhance the e-book by giving your reader add ional information and resources when they visit those links. Now with e-book viral marketing it only gets better. Now ask your self if you could have a partner out there helping you to spread your e-books all over the internet. Wouldn?t it be great if that person had a certain amount passion for the subject of that e-book? It would make him a lot better salesman if you could call him that, because remember he giving the books away also. Your probably wondering were am I going with this, well if you also had a link in your e-books explaining to the reader that they could have an opportunity to give away your e-books and make money as well, off the back end sales, Do you think some of those readers might be interested? With a two tear affiliate system the person who got the book from you is making money from the links as well as you making a percentage of there sales. Pretty wild isn?t it. As well as e-books directly requiting sales people for you, they can also generate huge amounts of traffic to your site with a link pointing back to your domain. The real beauty with e-book viral marketing is the fact that if you have just one e-book go viral you could have revenue and traffic coming to you for many years to come. The benefits of e-book viral marketing are so numerous and presents many powerful marketing opportunities. When it comes to viral marketing, your opportunities are only limited by your emanation


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