Overview of No-Follow and Do-Follow links

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Nov 04, 2010
By continuously submitting quality and unique contents to an article directory is one of the very good ways to boost the Audience visits, backlinks and credibility of your website.

Submitting article to article directories, blogging and commenting: You will have a place of your own where you can add contents that are valuable to you. Here, you can place articles written by having your thoughts that you can upload to many of the article websites in anyway.

Remember that being an owner of a blog which has high quality content is a big plus. Another thing to take care when you are considering of blogging is placing your comments on other people's blogs and the best way is to find highly ranked relevant blogs or create your own blog that become highly ranked in order to attract more visitors and comments.

Remember that every blog comment which has a link attached to it is counted as one backlink to a certain website. Many people go for blogs because a link placed in a blog post will be taken as a backlink and same will be counted for the comments also like if one of your published blog posts may become so popular that many people likes to comment on it ask you questions or similar to it. Now with your every reply to queries and answers to other people's comments you have chance to create more backlink to your website because every time when you post comments it will create backlinks and if your blog has PR5 ranks than each backlink you have placed will count as a backlink from a PR5 website.

No-follow and Do-follow properties: If you have made nofollow attribute it indicate that your link will not be acknowledged by the search engines as a backlink and dislike a article website most of the blogging software generally comes with nofollow attribute that automatically applied on any hyperlink in the comment system.

Advantages and disadvantages: The real advantage of nofollow attribute is that you will never have your plate full of unnecessary posts or spam comments that require moderation. Less spamming is advantage for you and you can be guaranteed that only those people who are actually interested in your blog and topic that you write about will post a comment on it. On the other hand, if you permit your blog site to place do-follow links you will have tons of visitors and your blog will become more popular naturally because every backlink counts in an overall calculation of your site's page rank.

Tips for getting backlinks: - You should always try to submit more and more articles with a link back to your site to many popular article links directory - Go for commenting on highly ranked blogs sites that have "do-follow" links - Try to comment on forum topics on sites that allow "do-follow" links or signatures - You should not spam or write topic irrelevant content just for the sake of posting - You should give an opinion and expand the topic



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