Open source development is ideal for scalable solutions

Submitted by David Patrick | Category: Technology | Published on Feb 24, 2011
PHP web development companies provide open source development services for creating dynamic web applications to meet high end business requirements.

With growing digitization of businesses, there has been a huge increase in the demand for web development services. Almost every business unit uses web technology for promoting business online, simplifying the business process management, and even establishing enterprise level web solutions for managing multiple branches international. With the growing demand there was a growing change in technology trends. Open source development brought a revolution in the world of internet, allowing the website or web application development possible for free using non-proprietary source code.

Today there are many open source platforms available for creating websites, CMS, or even web based applications. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Mambo, and Typo3 are most popular content management system (CMS) used for creating dynamic websites. The widely used Open source ecommerce platforms are Magento, OSCommerce, X-cart, Zen-Cart, Presta Shop, VirtueMart, etc. The open source development platforms like SugarCRM and Vtiger are popular customer relationship management (CRM) system. Open source platform like Flex is used for creating Rich Internet applications.

Using the variety of open source platforms, diverse web applications can be crafted. PHP technology is widely used for Open source development. PHP is the only technology which supports almost all open source platforms and facilitates high quality and cost effective deliverable for PHP web development and open source customization projects. There are some remarkable advantages a company can reap by using open source development, see below:

1) As name says “Open Source”, which means that the source codes for application development are available openly from internet without any proprietary or patent. An experienced PHP developer can use the open source at optimum level.

2) As shown above the open source development platforms are available for creating various types of application. open source customization can be done to provide customized application development for more specific business requirements.

3) Easy to integrate with other applications created in C#, C++, C, etc. and helps in creating scalable applications.

4) The open source development has a unique benefit that it allows to reuse the codes and components which saves the developer’s time. Hence the application created is scalable and can be updated in future.

5) As the open source plug-ins are available for free to download, it makes the open source development highly cost effective.

6) Large pool of PHP web developers are available in the industry who can work on high end open source customization requirements. There is no resource scarcity and not even expected to.

Nowadays open source development is also used to create mobile applications. Though there are many freelancers who do web development, it is always advisable to hire a company who has well experienced resources to work on your open source development project. A web development company is ideal as they have capability to provide on demand PHP developers, have worked diverse projects, have global exposure, and offer very competitive rates. They indeed guarantee an expected level quality delivered. It  is an ideal option when you require a scalable solutions for open source development project.


David Patrick is working in a PHP web development company. Have huge experience working onto various open source development projects for different business domains.


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