Are You Dissapointet In Your Online Business - Don,t Make The Kind Of Money You Were Promised ?

Submitted by Tina Lindgren | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
In this article, tina Lindgren talks about the difference between making it online on a lifelong basis, and the get rich scemes and All the bad service and products, that are now flooding around on the internet.
Dear Struggling Fellow Internet Entrepreneur Are You Disappointed in your business? Don't You make the kind of money, you were guarantied, when you joined a certain company? Or have you bought eBooks and audios which you could have done your self? Let me be honest, I have joined a lot of these programs, only to find out that I got scammed AGAIN !!! My motivation for trying to make it online was the freedom, the stress less life ( I have been very sick from stress in my former job in the IT industry). and of course, I wanted to make enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle, where I could use my new freedom to go places, and afford it!. I had 3 good reasons for not quitting: It was freedom from an employer, that drove me in the first place. I also knew that it possible to make a very good income on the internet. And finally I didn't need to make millions of dollars on the internet. I searched and searched for new business and suddenly I read about this Guru who in short terms told me To Think Big. To think like I was already making money. That changed my whole strategy on the Internet. I stopped everything I was doing, Left a MLM company, that sucked, Stopped my Google ads, and started to study what the Top internet Guys were doing. I spend 3 hours 4 times a week, listening to conferences in 8 weeks in a row, starting at 2 o'clock in the morning, my time zone. From That point there was no turning back, I just kept going. I started To realize that "there is no such ting as a Free Lunch". All the FREE to Join business are nothing but scams. They are only Free in the beginning, after a couple of emails they start pushing you to becoming a gold member.... Therefore You might as well join the more exclusive companies, that you can rust, and that delivers a first-class product and a first-class support. I admit that these companies or businesses are not easy to find. They can be very hard to see in the big jungle of " Get rich scams", that we see so many of, these days. But don't worry - it is still very possible. You need to check out some of the gurus, maybe even email them and ask them questions about their product. A lot of them will never give you an answer, because they don't know anything about the business, they are just promoting it, and getting paid affiliate commission. when You find a coach, who gives you an answer, check out what they are offering. After that, You should go check out the internet on a search for their product or service and put the word scam after. Fore instance search for "GoogleAddsforfree scam". If you don't get a result for that search, go further in your research. Maybe Buy a low price product from your coach, and see for your self. If you like the product and use it, hey you could be an affiliate for the product, and your customers will trust you, because you have a good product, and you can answer their questions, and give them good service. Often a coach will recommend you new products from other great companies, and if you like that product too, then you will see how one good product or service leads to the next great product. suddenly You will see, how your own business slowly are getting more and more professional. There is only one last thing, that is a BIG BIG misunderstanding here on the internet. Don't believe the sales pages, that tells you that their system is fully automated. You only need to work 15 minutes a day. It simply is a big lie. It takes time, patience, hard study, and lots of try and error, but trust me, if you hang in there and do your homework, you will be rewarded in such a big way, that you can not believe. To your success Tina Lindgren


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