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Submitted by Terry Detty | Category: Business | Published on Nov 30, 2007
It is undisputed that television commercials are still the best way to attract attention. But there is an added bonus to the attention grabbing feature of using streaming videos for your online marketing or advertising campaigns.

This is where streaming video comes in. It is undisputed that television commercials are still the best way to attract attention. The advertiser needs to make the product look good in TV, but their primary objective is to attract the consumer’s attention. Their second goal is to make the video memorable enough so that the customer remembers the brand name when they have need of the product. The most famous brand names like Marlboro succeeded in their advertising campaign videos so much so that people still remember the Marlboro man. In this advertisement, the first thing you see are wild horses running.  This is quite an attention drawer since lots of people like horses even when they haven’t seen one in person.

The main advantage of videos is their ability to instill curiosity in a person. An apt demonstration of this ability is when people are seen stopping at display windows of stores that have television displays in them. When you see a moving picture, you are immediately interested in what it is all about and what will happen next. Even if you don’t stop in front of the display, you will spare a glance or two. The uncanny part is this, in the instant that you see people gathered in front of something you haven’t seen yet, you will take time to look to satisfy your curiosity. However, if that display happens to be in your own neighborhood, you will gradually get accustomed to it and begin to ignore it.

This is the strength of internet marketing through streaming videos. It immediately grabs attention. The only thing that you as an advertiser have to do is to make the video interesting enough that it maintains or improves on that initial level of interest. When the video is old enough to become common place, you replace it with a new one. Unlike pop-ups or spam messages or newsletters, they cannot become an annoyance because the first thing it does is to grab the consumer’s attention and curiosity.

With the use of videos, the consumer gets a clear picture of what your product or idea is all about. This is an added bonus to the attention grabbing feature of using videos for your marketing or advertising campaigns. When a consumer knows what you and your product are all about, they can begin to trust you.  After all, having the trust of your customer’s is better than the bottom line. A trusting customer is one who will patronize all your product lines. As good as your advertising video is, it is still the quality of your product that matters in the end. If you take the informal bulletin board style approach to delivering web content where all you talk about is yourself and your credentials then don't be surprised if the only response you receive is unclearness from your consumers.

To make a video interesting enough, try to place some humor and social relevance into them. You also need to make your customers feel a need or craving for your product. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who wish to create a niche for their product line. A good video advertisement will pull in people more than newsletters, pop-up windows or spam messages will.

Let’s face it, there is no better way of creating relationships and delivering dynamic content than through streaming video. And creating relationships and keeping visitors interested is what internet marketing is all about.   Just take a look at what you have at your fingertips. Ultimately you have billion channel networks where even the smallest streaming video can advertise effectively with the proper know how and approach.   The use of video streaming can really turbo charge your internet presence.

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