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Submitted by Lynn VanDyke | Category: General Interest | Published on Nov 26, 2005
Lynn VanDyke explores two opposing options that online business owners must decide between. Readers are offered free online business ebooks as a gift.

Building an online business is about as simple as re-building the Coliseum.  Type any combination of online business programs into Google and watch all of the latest get rich quick scams populate the search engine results.  These companies are geniuses at Internet marketing, but they all fail to produce real results that are quantifiable and measurable over an extended period of time.  They would certainly prove their online business client's success if they could.

For many entrepreneurs, the sheer thought of building an online business is quickly broken down into thoughts of failure and misery.  It seems as though the Internet is only a playground for net geeks these days.  There are plenty of scam companies ready and willing to take the hard-earned cash for those not lucky enough to be net-savvy.  It's a sad story that has been told a million times.

In any entrepreneurs search for truthful, honest and profitable business ventures there comes a point in which they must make an important decision.  Choice A talks big, promises huge results, and sounds the most appetizing.  Choice B mentions hard work, building a solid business, and personal responsibility.  Both sell the same product, but only one can produce results of successful clients and offers a money-back guarantee.

Choice A is unfortunately the preferred choice of many small business entrepreneurs.  The thought of paying a few bucks for a domain name, a few more bucks for hosting, plugging in some code, and setting up a shopping cart sounds too good to pass up.  They invest minimal time into an online business because they have become brainwashed by the hosting company.  After all, if they build it the customers should come.  Right?  Ask for the proof of client success.

Choice B is for the intelligent entrepreneurs.  It is the choice that recognizes a true business person.  An online business is just as much work as an offline business.  A business person would never think to go with the cheapest quality businesses essentials in the off-line world.  Why would they choose to online?  Again, look for solid quantifiable proof just like you would in an off-line business world.

The truth is there is a lot more to building an online business than just creating a website.  No one searches for a particular website, unless you are or another big-name site.  Instead searchers need information.  They need answers to their questions and their concerns.  They go to their trusted search engine and type in their query.  The search engine scours its database looking for relevant results to make its customer happy.

An online business should aim to be in the search engines top 30 results for a particular query.  If not, the business is basically invisible.  An online business that is invisible means it is not profitable.  Next thing Choice A websites know, it is time to close the ethereal doors.  Choice B automatically submits each new and updated page to the major search engines.  Choice B even tells its customers if a page was written poorly.  All of this is a part of building a sustainable online business.

Building a profitable online business does not have to require loads of geek knowledge.  In fact, there are companies out there dedicated to bringing the online business world to hopeful entrepreneurs.  The tough part is weeding thought all the get rich quick schemes waiting to tempt you.  Choice B does exist.  Choice B is more than willing to share its client's success rates with the world. 

Before any online entrepreneur jumps into get rich quick territory, they should research and read about all kinds of online business companies.  To receive a host of free online business ebooks for free, please visit the author's link.

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