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If your looking for a top rated online business opportunity that has a video presentation with a conversion rate like no other... earns you 100%commissions ($1000 per sale), build your list with proven capture pages with a build in autoresponder that foll

This top rated online business opportunity will have you earning $7K-40K/month. Now many people would accuse me for making such a bold statement, but let me tell you this is very possible and it's a living reality. It's true that many online business opportunities are scams but anyone with logical knowledge can easily spot a scam when they rate it according to certain criteria. Just one very important point before we take a look at the criteria.

Letís say you don't have any computer skills, would you rather try to learn all the phases on how to create your own online business or would you join an existing online business opportunity that's already proven to work? Now letís take a look at 5 strict criteria that any top rated online business opportunity should meet: 1.Every effort you do should give the maximum results it possibly can, This way you'll get better results for what you're doing. Here is an example: One of the main things that you have to consider when joining any online business opportunity is the amount of money you earn per sale. I mean would you rather make 4 sales in a week for $200 or $1000 each? I hope that answer is quite obvious to you. 2.How well does the online business opportunity your driving traffic to convert? The online business opportunity should have a great video presentation.

Do you think text, no matter how good will ever have a chance to convert better than a good video presentation? 3.The online business opportunity should leverage your efforts. 4.The online business opportunity should also build your list With a Variety of proven capture pages to choose from and have a build in autoresponder that will follow up on your prospects automatically and give you the ability to email the list it builds you. 5.Before you join you should be able to contact a real person that has the ability to answer any questions that you may have regarding the online business opportunity. Now if you look at these five topics any online business opportunity that meets them should do pretty well if you can just drive a good amount of traffic to your capture page right? Yes, because if you don't have any way your customers can reach you via phone your going to lose a lot of money! That's literately like throwing $100 bills out the window every minute while your driving.

Now you may think yeah ok, this online business sounds pretty good but I'm not really a sells person and I don't know how&where to advertise, or you might say that you hate selling! No worries, this online business opportunity gives you your own personal sales assistant that will answer all of your prospects questions&closes all your sales for you, thatís it! The hardest part is done for you, the selling! This online business opportunity also meets all the above criteria! Now hang on just a sec, read that again carefully! Now if that's not enough this online business opportunity can also do your advertising for you, but the advertising is unlike the normal rotators that they usually promise you, this online business opportunity will give your capture page to a 5 year experienced marketing veteran that will advertise your website in a dozen of proven ways as if it's his very own! I Hope you really read all this carefully and realized that the main way to make money online with an online business opportunity is how well it converts and how much money you get for each sale.

I promise you this online business opportunity has a video presentation like no other, it converts like nothing I have ever seen... just come and see for yourself. Now you know how to spot a top rated online business opportunity... and that you've found a top rated online business opportunity that you can easily earn $7,000 - $40,000 per month with!  Visit my website right now...


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