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Submitted by Dana G. Parker | Category: Business | Published on Oct 30, 2008
As a member of IPC you can make an income at home from this opportunity by simply applying yourself and not trying to reinvent the wheel. It is possible to make money, $1000 to $4000 a week or more in this business.

What makes this different from any other income at home opportunity? Totally frustrated looking at hundreds of programs only to find out that most of them are a scam? Do you want to find a program that works and is a legitimate business opportunity, not a scam and has an excellent training platform? Do you have the desire to make serious money? IPC is a program that is designed to build an internet business for even the complete novice.

If you have a burning desire to earn income at home, make money and get excellent training for a very small investment, this is the business you are looking for. I have looked at several opportunities and done my due diligence only to find that most of them were either a scam or required a huge investment to get started. You will not find this to be true with IPC. I have not found any negative articles on this company and believe me I have looked.

This is a legitimate business opportunity, not a scam. Dan Miller, the founder of IPC has an excellent training program for you to do this business and make income at home on your time. Set your own pace, but the quicker you get started the quicker you will start making money. When I say this works for even a complete novice, I am not kidding! I have no background in computers and can verify that this business opportunity, with the excellent training provided, will make you a believer.

How many times have you thought about making income at home and said it is just too hard to learn or it really doesn't work. Once you see how thorough the training program is you will get excited about making money. This program, once it is up and running literally runs on it's own about 98%. You can have it running within 24 hours! You have very little maintenance that you have to perform.

If you are working 40 or more hours a week at a job that you wish you could quit then this could be the business opportunity you have been looking for. For more information and to get started go to


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